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Vashon Shoreline, WA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the shoreline on Vashon Island in Washington. The light will always break through the clouds if we look out the

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Be Kind It is always important to be kind, but especially in today’s tumultuous times. Not only to others but to yourself. It’s been seven months

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Valencia, Spain

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Valencia, Spain. La Estrecha was an old home that measures 107 centimeters wide (3.5 ft). The bottom floor was a

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Emotions and Physical Manifestations Did you know that stress and other unresolved emotions can create physical manifestations, including pain? It’s true. Emotions are meant to be satisfied. Remember,

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Tahoe Tree, NV

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Nineteen years ago, Americans imagined a dim and scary future. Covid-19 has many feeling the same.

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