Diversity, Purpose and Values

This may be the most important page of this website.  I have spent much time and thought in deciding what words to write here that sincerely express my thoughts on diversity, purpose, vision, and values.

I surveyed clients, peers, and mentors and listened to what my heart told me. I view the results of this process, the words that follow, as something that shapes every decision that is made in managing my practice and working with clients.

About the time I was putting the finishing touches on this page, I attended a chamber luncheon where a panel member, Dr. Loie Lenarz, kindly provided the perfect words for me to express how I strive to operate:

“Who I am ‘in here’ (my soul) is indistinguishable from with whom you interact.”



I strive to identify the uniqueness and best qualities of every client I work with, and in the people that I meet in my day to day life. Early in my career, I was taught that if I cannot find something to love about a client, I cannot possibly help them. It is a self-imposed rule that I never break. This has nothing to do with my skill set, it has everything to do with integrity.

I recognize that the meaning of the word diversity itself carries a myriad of definitions and perspectives. Though I am a cis-gender, white woman, I am sensitive to and always open to learning the issues of gender, orientation and culture. I am not an expert in any of these arenas, and fully admit my own privileged position.

What I offer is a practice where I help you discover the emotions, insights and answers that are within yourself, and therefore, are the things that are meaningful in your journey of self-discovery and wellbeing. My beliefs, experiences and solutions are only of benefit to me, and therefore not meant to be imposed on anyone else. Every individual has their own unique journey that is to be respected and honored.

My role is to show respect and compassion for your point of view and experiences in order to help you with what you desire to accomplish.

My Purpose

is to assist my clients in utilizing the power of their  minds in order to be more positive, productive and purposeful in achieving their life goals.

My Vision

is that I help my clientsacieve an awareness and realization of their full abilities

I Value

These values describe what I endeavor to reflect in myself, and to help each client find within themselves.  In lieu of lofty sentences, I chose dictionary definitions because they capture the essence of why they were chosen.


  • facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education
  • the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject
  • true, justified belief; certain understanding, as opposed to opinion


  • the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  • the state of being whole and undivided
  • the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction


  • firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something
  • acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation
  • the state of being responsible for someone or something
  • a hope or expectation


  • authority or power given to someone to do something
  • the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights

These four words create an acronym suitable for the aspirations of my clients and  myself  – KITE – a perfect metaphor for reaching great heights and freedom from all that keeps you weighted down.

Sincerely and ‘soulfully’,


Disclaimer: Services rendered are held out to the public as non-therapeutic motivational and meditative consulting to inspire positive thinking and the capacity to self-manage your mind and body abilities. Services rendered are not any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, I make no health benefit claims for the services provided. My work is supportive and educational, intended to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and personal and professional growth.

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