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Hypnosis Consultation

Your initial consultation is designed to educate you about hypnosis and determine that hypnosis is the best choice for your needs.

We will explain how you can start taking advantage of its life-long benefits, how to make the best investment in yourself, and how to get started right away.

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Covid-19 isn’t getting getting us down. We are online and germ free! Hypnosis is even more relevant, so book your initial consultation today to learn how we can help.

Everything you need to do before our virtual meeting is on this page. We suggest scheduling at least 2 days in advance so you’ve got plenty of time to fill out the paperwork on this page.

We need your documents completed at least 24 hours before your online initial consultation.

During this unprecedented time we have reduced our pricing to help more of you get the assistance you need. As we are not working in the office we are passing the rent savings on to you! We will work to the best of our ability to help those with financial difficulties.

Start with These 4 Items First

Welcome Letter

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Online Instructions

Remote has it's benefits

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Watch Video

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Now Fill Out the Questionnaire

We need this 24 hours before your appointment

No Consultation Fee

When you talk with your hypnotist or hypnotherapist you’ll have plenty of time to talk about your goals and concerns, and plan your strategy. We’ll make sure this is a good fit for you before we proceed.

Issues & Goals

We will help you set realistic goals and develop a strategy for your sessions. We will work together as a team to give you the best opportunity for success.

Is Hypnosis the Right Modality?

We do not diagnose, treat or cure anything. For clients with diagnosed medical conditions we require a release from your doctor. If you have a mental health diagnosis, you will work with our licensed hypnotherapist.

How Many Visits

We offer client-centered programs not hourly sessions. Hypnosis is a process, not a one-visit fix.

How Much is It?

We don't quote pricing online because each client is different and has specific needs. You'll find out everything you need to know in the initial consultation.

Policies and Payment

Our Appointment Policy:

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your online appointment time.

We require a 48 hour business day cancellation notice, as we will be unable to utilize that time for another client upon such short notice. You will be billed if you do not show up, or cancel or reschedule your appointment within that time frame. For example, if the appointment is on Monday, in order not to be charged for the appointment, our office must be notified of the change no later than Thursday during office hours. Please note that we make very few exceptions to this policy.

Hypnosis is not covered by most insurance programs, so for your convenience we accept cash, checks or credit cards, and have payment plans available for most services. If you wish to use your FSA for our services, please check with your employer before you schedule your sessions to be sure it will be covered.

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