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I was attracted to AHARA because I was feeling bored in my career and knew that I wanted to make a change. I had no idea what that change was and nothing sounded exciting. I felt blocked and needed help getting to the other side of it. I wanted to find my purpose by clearing the path and removing old cobwebs that no longer serve me. AHARA helped me discover my abilities as a leader, both personally and professionally, in a way that drives success but is also filled with compassion and kindness. It has helped me as a parent to relate and reflect, rather than be overwhelmed, to build strong bonds with my children. I also discovered an appreciation of myself through recognizing the power of my own abilities. I have learned how to quiet my mind so that my inner thoughts directed me toward the future I desire, and my vision is clear! AHARA was definitely worth the time and commitment, and Roberta understood how to work with my busy work schedule, travel, and kids. She is exceptionally gifted at relaying and adapting the tenets of AHARA in a practical and purposeful way that was specific to my needs. AHARA hasn’t been something I just learned, it has become integrated into my life as a way of thinking and being. This program is incredibly powerful. I highly recommend it!!
Jackie LaLonde
Mortgage Consultant, Loan Depot
Good morning Roberta, I’m doing great! I’ve played several competitive rounds now and even in pressure situations I feel focused and at ease. It’s an amazing feeling! Thank you so much for checking in on me! Oh the string and nut you sent me is pretty amazing! I can get it do anything I want and I now think of my disc to fingers connection much more and about what my desire is for the flight! Thanks again for everything! PS - I played my best rounds and 4 in a row at that. 20th now in the world rankings!
Craig N.
Pro Disk Golfer
Roberta has helped me learn to live a better life by helping me get rid of many negative emotions or feelings I was holding on to that I didn’t even know were there. Thanks to this, I am able to see life in a positive manner and I can now be a better mother to my children and actually enjoy my kids and not feel like I’m a terrible mom. I can smile and feel the happiness in my smile, feel the hugs I give to my children and enjoy them to the fullest. Thank you, Roberta!
St. Paul

Ahara is a Sanskrit term that refers to the support of consciousness,
eliminating everything which is not the intrinsic or higher nature of yourself.

The AHARA acronym describes the benefits of this one-on-one quantum process:

A Higher Awareness and Realization of your Abilities

AHARA is for successful individuals who want to take themselves to the next level of thinking and being in their personal and professional lives. AHARA provides the skills to observe and process the world around you differently, enabling you to quantum leap into the place you desire to be, where others can only aspire to be. 

Make your commitment to discover your Self and transform your life today!

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Disclaimer: Services rendered are held out to the public as non-therapeutic motivational and meditative consulting to inspire positive thinking and the capacity to self-manage your mind and body abilities. Services rendered are not any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, I make no health benefit claims for the services provided. My work is supportive and educational, intended to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and personal and professional growth.

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