Conscious Napping®

Conscious Napping® is an easy-to-use and invaluable support tool created by Roberta over the past ten years. The app contains a wide variety of recordings to empower and support you after you finish your primary work. More than 150 recordings address many issues you may want to improve. Conscious Napping® is available in English and Spanish.

There are two types of content delivery:

  • 6 Core Courses for stress, pain, sleep, weight, and smoking and chewing cessation. The Course modules are delivered one at a time over 7 to 55 days.
  • 3 Wellbeing Programs address physical, financial, and emotional/mental well-being. These recordings can be used in conjunction with the Core Courses, or individually in any order.

Roberta has successfully used all of these recordings with clients. She adds new content regularly to expand its usefulness. Conscious Napping is included as a benefit for FARE clients. 

By itself, Conscious Napping® is a powerful tool for improving and inspiring yourself; used in conjunction with hypnosis makes it even more effective!

Call Roberta for pricing to purchase it for your company as an employee benefit at 612-839-2295.

Or, buy it here, as an individual.

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