The Last Friday Photo comes from Victoria, BC

Today will be the last Friday Photo. For more than 7.5 years I have posted 399 pictures that I have taken all over the world, pairing them with quotes I love and comments about what they made me think about at the time they were posted. Some of you may miss them, but perhaps I’ll […]

Alicante, Spain

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Alicante, Spain. I lived in Florida, surrounded by palm trees for 50+ years which never really impressed me. I never imagined they could be so beautiful. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we can imagine anything we wish. 

Split Rock Bay, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Split Rock Bay, MN. Truths are an interesting thing. Some are absolute (though I challenge them at times, too). Some are relative. We make up truths every day. What illusions are you holding on to?

Half Moon Bay Cliffs, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Half Moon Bay, CA. I couldn’t find a truer quote! Everything is between the ears, so to speak.

Coastal Lighthouse, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Coastal Lighthouse, CA. As you head into the new year, keep this quote in mind. Nothing more needs to be said….

North Shore, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from The North Shore, MN. A gift can be found in anything, even those things we perceive as negative. A silver lining in every cloud. And remember the best present is to be present. 

Marseille, France

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Marseille, France. The gift quotes just keep on giving this month. Give thanks every day because every day you are presented with gifts. You only have to be open to seeing them.

Prior Lake, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Prior Lake, MN. Let’s keep last Friday’s topic alive with this follow-up on division. Enough said.

Hippo Pond, Tanzania

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Hippo Pond in Tanzania. As we head into the next celebrations, perhaps it’s time to think about this quote as we enter 2023. Following up on last Monday’s blog, collaboration and community could go a long way in bridging divisions.

Life is Like a River

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I drove by the Mississippi River last weekend and thought life is like a river. It is the perfect metaphor for life. A river narrows and widens, has turns and straightaways, the water can slow down, calm and quiet, or speed up like a rapid or even cascade over a waterfall.  Whether you enjoy your […]