How We See Others

I’ve been spending some time reflecting on how we see others. What it boils down to is that you decide how you are going to see them. You decide if they are nice, mean, smart, or stupid. And once you assign that label, you create them exactly like that.

Your perception of everything shapes how you see others and the world. So before the next meeting you have with someone who you have decided is difficult, reframe your thinking about them. Identify their positives and focus on them—practice understanding. I can promise that you will see and experience them differently.

I’m attaching the link to a video I recently watched with a teacher who works with autistic children and how she sees them differently but is afraid to talk about what she knows about them with her peers and bosses because she is afraid of being fired. Looking at these children in the manner expressed here in a mere 9 minutes gave me more to reflect on when I think about others who are different from me. This is one of the most powerful perceptions of autistic children I’ve ever heard.

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