AHARA provides a quantum leap, enabling you to think from where you want to be,
rather than from where you are,
into the reality of what is possible.

Ahara is now offered in a Club format!

AHARA Club incorporates the same tenets as AHARA,  simply in a convenient combination of individual and group delivery methods. This makes it more affordable and spreads the AHARA tenets out over a longer period of time. For more information on AHARA and what it is about, click here.


  • Spans 12 months
  • Meets twice each month for an hour group session
  • Offers a monthly individual hour session
  • Includes 10-12 hours of one-on-one time to “Clean out Your Closets”
  • A one-year, comprehensive, life-changing journal
  • A personal portal for access to bi-weekly audios and videos
  • Access to Conscious Napping®


The inaugural cohort starts January 11th. 

Experiencing AHARA is now more affordable and accessible through AHARA Club.


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