Body Confidence

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Today I want to talk about Body Confidence. “You don’t have to love the way your body looks to love the way your body shows up for you, you don’t have to do the most to be doing your most, you can be self-esteem fragile and still rocking a bikini. Life is many things. All […]

Weight and Sleep

Featured Video Play Icon Here’s a quick tip for those seeking an easy way to enhance weight loss – Sleep! Research shows that those who sleep more than 8 hours a night decreased their calorie intake by an average of 270 calories a day. That’s around two pounds a month! Why is sleep important? Lack of sleep impacts […]

Hypnosis and Weight loss

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Hypnotists have very different approaches for weight loss. We are no exception to that. Some will have you coming for session regularly for a long time. Some will tell you it’s a one and done.  We take a very different approach. Sometimes weight is an issue because of poor eating habits or body malfunctions. But […]

Hypnosis and Cleaning out your Garage

Featured Video Play Icon Sadie told me she was headed to Wisconsin’s 100 mile garage sale this weekend. I cannot wrap my head around that concept, but it got me thinking about the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Any given item at a garage sale, let’s say a lamp shade, can be viewed as […]

Hypnosis and Covid Weight

Featured Video Play Icon The American Psychological Association recently published a survey that said 42% of American had gained weight during the Covid pandemic. The average gained was 29 pounds, with millennials reporting the highest average of 41 pounds. I guess I don’t feel too bad now about my 5 pounds! People are sleeping less and drinking more, […]

Hypnosis and Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting beliefs. I know you have some. The interesting thing is that you didn’t create them. They were given to you by your parents or relative, your teacher, your pastor, or maybe even something you watch for read. You do, however, share responsibility by continuing to hold on to them, perhaps even reinforce them. You […]

Hypnosis for Self Improvement

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Hi, I’m Linda Schutz a Board Certified Hypnotist at FARE Hypnosis. I recently had an aha experience that I wanted to share with you. The other day I was on zoom waiting for a client to show up for a hypnosis session. I happened to be looking into the computer screen, and I looked up into […]

What Is or What Can Be?

Featured Video Play Icon It is what it is. If you are trying to solve your problems with this line of thinking, remember what Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Shifting your thoughts to “What Can Be” allows you to envision the appropriate solution to create the […]

Self Hypnosis for Stress Management

Featured Video Play Icon Today’s environment may be presenting you with some stressful situations. Many things are getting your attention and perhaps pulling you in different directions. Now more than ever, it’s important to do something that nourishes your soul – cook, garden, paint, write, sing, sit under the stars. All of these things can be done solo […]


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A few years ago I did a blog on change. In today’s environment when people seem resistant to change in many areas, I thought I’d revisit the topic. One of the popular topics I trained on in the corporate arena was organizational change. It has to start with personal change, which really means looking at […]