How Do You Punish Your Body?

How Do You Punish Your Body? I cannot possibly say this any better than Alicia McCarvell does here. Please listen and take the time to read her comments below. If you can’t rectify your reasons or your feelings, call me.                 (Posted with permission from Alicia)

Find Alicia McCarvell on YouTube (and IG). Here’s are her comments: 

One of the things I do on “bad brain” days is really try to understand WHY I am feeling the way I am feeling. This has truly helped me recognize that most of the time, if not all of the time – my mood, my anger, and my discomfort in my body doesn’t actually have anything to do with it. Our bodies are easy targets, the worlds tells us to pick them apart and that we aren’t worthy so when we’re struggling, it’s easy to use ourselves as target practice. We say the meanest things to ourselves, and to our bodies because we know that tomorrow, our bodies with show up regardless of what we say, because they don’t have a choice. And although that makes sense, it doesn’t make it okay. Getting to the root of the cause of my mood and emotions has been a learning process – I have learned how everything from the food I do (or don’t eat) impacts me, how not drinking enough water makes me feel, how an argument with Scott leaves me feeling or how what content I consumed the day before can change my thoughts. Once I’m able to understand WHY I am feeling the way I am, I spend the day rectifying that why. I eat the food my body needs to be nourished. I move my body to see its strength. I take some self-care time. I consume content that makes me feel good. … and most importantly I apologize to my body for allowing outside factors to impact how I treated it. It’s so important to understand that your relationship with your body, is like any relationship you have. When you have a bad day, you’re quicker to judge, shorter with the people you love and have a harder time showing up – and it’s important to realize that how you’re feeling isn’t the fault of those around you, OR your body. It’s OKAY to have bad days, we all have them. What’s not okay is allowing your body to be your punching bag for those days. Your body deserves the love and respect you show every other relationship you have. It’s never a bad body day; it’s just a bad day.


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