Three Ways to Check Your Self-Talk

Featured Video Play Icon Hi.  I’m Rebecca Byrne, a certified hypnotist with Fare Hypnosis.  Today I’d like to check in with you.  How helpful are the thoughts that you’re thinking to yourself about yourself?  Sometimes the thoughts that run through our heads are running on repeat.  They have become so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t […]


Featured Video Play Icon Most people are condition-dependent. That is, you allow the conditions around you to control how you feel. You feel a need to soothe the critical eyes of how others see you.  But here’s the thing. You will never be able to control how others see you, nor can you control any of the conditions […]

Experiences for a New Year – Worthiness

Featured Video Play Icon This exercise provides insight into how you perceive your level of worthiness. You may find some areas easy or challenging. No matter what, there will be an opportunity for introspection. 1. At the top of a page, write I am worthy of…. 2. Create four columns or sections and title them: Home, Body, Relationship, […]


Featured Video Play Icon I had a client ask me the other day how I could stay so positive all the time (hint: satisfaction). Well, aside from walking the talk of what I teach, I took some time to think about that. I am not always in a positive upbeat mode. If so, I wouldn’t be human! However, […]

Hypnosis and Weight loss

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Hypnotists have very different approaches for weight loss. We are no exception to that. Some will have you coming for session regularly for a long time. Some will tell you it’s a one and done.  We take a very different approach. Sometimes weight is an issue because of poor eating habits or body malfunctions. But […]

Cactus Garden, Stanford, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Cactus Garden at Stanford, California. Here was a collection of the most amazing cacti I’ve ever seen. I think I could do 10 months of Friday photos with them! Preferring more colorful flora and fauna, it wasn’t a destination I would have normally chosen, but the opportunity of spending […]

Hypnosis and Limiting Beliefs

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Limiting beliefs. I know you have some. The interesting thing is that you didn’t create them. They were given to you by your parents or relative, your teacher, your pastor, or maybe even something you watch for read. You do, however, share responsibility by continuing to hold on to them, perhaps even reinforce them. You […]

Waterfall in Maui, HI

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a waterfall in Maui, Hawaii. I think most of us were hoping that the magic of a new year would take us to a peaceful place like this. Six days in and the opposite has happened, adding to all the other stresses from 2020. No matter what your thoughts are […]

Bloomington Marsh

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Bloomington, MN Marsh. What a great quote to celebrate the holidays, especially in these times. Possibility. Fall marks the end of all that is old, winter being the dormant time for reflection, preparing for the rebirth of Spring and enjoyment of summer. It’s my year end advice for everyone […]

Hypnosis for Personal Transformation

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Most people think of using hypnosis to help them change unwanted behaviors like smoking or in losing weight. But one of the most powerful outcomes of certain hypnotic techniques is positive, personal transformation. Friedrich Nietzsche said, “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”  This isthe premise of Viktor Frankel’s […]