We start our wires-crossed series with emotions. 
Emotions are meant to be expressed. They tell you that there is something you need or desire. Emotions are formed in the subconscious mind and are communicated through the body to the conscious mind. For example, if you are sad, it might produce tears. If you are scared, the hair on the back of your neck might rise. If you are angry your face might flush.
Because your brain is very efficient, it remembers what has gotten results in the past. Let’s say you have are angry but you believe that it’s not good to show your anger. You keep ignoring or stuffing it, instead of finding a way to satisfy what you perceive to be unfair. Then one day your boss calls you in and blames you for something you didn’t do and you break down and cry. Not a typical response, but perhaps you got what you needed a few times in the past when you cried, and your body defaulted to tears because it needs to be satisfied, and hey, it worked before. 
I’ve had clients who cry at everything – when they are happy, sad, angry, lonely, frustrated, etc. The brain/body communication has gotten confused and the default emotion has become the thing that has worked the best in the past to get the results it wants. 
It’s confusing to the conscious mind because now you don’t always recognize your real emotions because your body is producing the same feeling for all of them. Crossed wires!
So what’s the solution? Go to the blog section of the The FARE Hypnosis website and search the archives for August and September 2016. Or search using the word emotions and lots of ideas will appear!
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