Be Selfish!

Featured Video Play Icon I want you to be selfish. That’s right. And I don’t mean just a little “ish”. I mean full out selfish! Let’s break this word down. Self means “a person’s particular nature or personality; the qualities that make a person individual or unique”. Ish – means “to some extent”. Put the two definitions together […]

Lake Tahoe, NV

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Lake Tahoe, NV. So many of history’s geniuses appreciated being in nature to understand the world and to create. How smart are you going to be today?


Featured Video Play Icon A very simple method of self-hypnosis is called autosuggestion, where you give yourself suggestions. This idea was developed by Émile Coué in the late 1800’s. His premise was that any idea the mind focused on turned into reality. The challenge to the idea is self-doubt and negative thinking, caused by judgment and will. This […]

Unconvincing Yourself

Featured Video Play Icon I was teaching self-hypnosis to a client last week and an old definition for hypnosis came into my mind: The ability to convince yourself, or unconvince yourself of something. I laughed when I realized how good people are at self-hypnosis – negative self-hypnosis. The most powerful suggestions are the ones you give to yourself. […]

Body Confidence

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Today I want to talk about Body Confidence. “You don’t have to love the way your body looks to love the way your body shows up for you, you don’t have to do the most to be doing your most, you can be self-esteem fragile and still rocking a bikini. Life is many things. All […]

Havasu River, AZ

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Havasu river in Arizona. Providing hope through example is the one thing we can all do for humanity.

Your Emotional Map

Featured Video Play Icon In my NLP classes, I talk about how each of us has a different map of what reality looks like.  In Brene Brown’s Book, The Atlas of the Heart, she uses the map as a metaphor for emotions. Like a map… “…Human emotions and experiences are layers of biology, biography, behavior, and backstory. 1. […]

Atlas of the Heart

Featured Video Play Icon Amazon just delivered Brene Brown’s Atlas of the Heart. As expected, in just the few pages I’ve read so far, it will not disappoint. Here are some out-takes of her powerful expressions of what I’ve been teaching for years: “…Trying to outrun and outsmart vulnerability and pain is choosing a life defined by suffering […]

San Antonio, TX

Today’s Friday Photo comes from San Antonio, Texas. It’s all about moving forward. Do it at your own pace, but DO it!

Experiences for a New Year – Manifest What you Want

Featured Video Play Icon This is an exercise in learning that the real reward is in the journey, not necessarily in the destination. Allow for at least 15-20 minutes to do this exercise in detail. Think of something that you really, really, really want. Imagine that it has already come to fruition. On a piece of paper, write […]