What’s Keeping You Small?

I’m Roberta Fernandez, Your Ability Activator. It’s time for Monday Mentions.

I saw something on Instagram that was an old recording of an America’s Got Talent TV show. On the show a woman sang, her name was Lauren Allred, and she was the voice behind a popular song called Never Enough from the movie America’s Greatest Showman.

Simon couldn’t believe that she was going to sing that song because everybody thought that song was sung by the actress in the movie, but she merely lip-synced it. Simon asked her why she didn’t get the big record deal after the movie was over, Lauren responded that at the time she preferred to stay in the background, but now it was time to put her face to the song. She felt the song belonged to her.

It made me start wondering, what is it that is keeping you small and in the back ground? What is it that is keeping you from using your talents and reaching your full potential that you’re not sharing with the world? Something that perhaps could make someone’s life better, the workplace better, create something brand new for the universe? No matter how small or how large, we all have something to contribute.

I’m Roberta Fernandez, Your Ability Activator.


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