What Does A Spiritual Awakening Feel like?

You may be asking, what does spiritual awakening feel like? As you go through a spiritual awakening you may feel various symptoms from time to time. Especially each time you experience a shift or up-leveling in your consciousness.

Hypersensitivity & Heightened awareness – An increase in intuition and sense of awareness. Becoming more in tune with the environment around you. Becoming more empathetic towards others.

Overwhelming feelings of love – God is love. As you are experiencing an elevation in your conscious awareness you will be in increased contact with this love.

Lucid Dreams – These are dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming or feel as if you are awake within the dream.

Synchronicities – These are simultaneously occurring events that appear to be related.

Feelings of De Ja Vu – This is having an experience that feels as if it occurred before or feels familiar.

Extreme peace and calm – Feeling a profound sense of inner peace.

Disillusioned – This is feeling like you’re in a dream-like state while awake in the current reality. You know you are awake, yet you feel as if your life is a dream. This feeling is brought on by the dismantling of previous perceptions of reality.

Loneliness – Having difficulty connecting with family and peers on a deeper level. Feeling as if they don’t understand you or feelings of isolation.

Superiority Complex – Being caught up in a state of judgment of others. Feeling better or more enlightened than the people around you.

Disconnected – This is feeling a lack of attachment to this world. You may desire to find a new spiritually fulfilling career or devote your life to sacred endeavors. Or, you may lack interest in your peers.

There are many spiritual awakening symptoms. Spiritual awakening symptoms are not only emotional but also psychological and even physical.

Brenda Kay, your soul’s guide to peace, joy, and freedom.

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