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Emotion Resolution Work™

There are many ways to tackle the “weeds” that are growing in the garden of your mind. You can snip off the tops, or dig them out by the roots. Why not get to the bottom of it and be done with your issue once and for all? Emotion Resolution Work™ provides a process that empowers you to uncover misperceptions and outdated beliefs, neutralize triggers and set a course to get what you want.


Existential Awareness™

Existential Awareness™ adds ethereal knowledge to the Emotion Resolution Work™ process. It involves a higher level of consciousness where you can gain knowledge about your immortal soul and discover purpose in your current life. This provides for insights and decisions that will be in alignment with your soul’s desire, and an understanding of your true human self. Unlike a simple past life regression, this explores the totality of your soul’s history and your spiritual journey.

FARE Athletic Excellence

FARE Athletic Excellence takes you to the top of your game  no matter what your goals are:                – Peak performance at the Pro level
   – More than a weekend warrior
   – An athletic scholarship

Our 6-week intensive helps you be the best you can be!



AHARA and AHARA Athlete

Ahara is a Sanskrit term that refers to the support of consciousness, eliminating everything which is not the intrinsic or higher nature of yourself.

The AHARA acronym describes the benefits of this six-month one-on-one quantum transformation:

A Higher Awareness
and Realization of your Abilities

AHARA embodies ten years of wisdom acquired from thousands of hypnosis sessions and forty years of career and life experience. It engages the power of your subconscious mind because the only thing standing in the way of your success is the disconnect between what you consciously want and what your subconscious mind believes is possible. Using hypnosis is an efficient and deeply profound way to shift your thinking to achieve what you desire.

Because of the unique personal attention
invested in this relationship,
nly one client is accepted each month.


AHARA Athlete spans three months and focuses on an athlete’s personal and professional success.


Conscious Napping®

Conscious Napping is an invaluable support tool created by Roberta over the past ten years. The app contains a wide variety of recordings to empower and support you after you finish your primary work. Its 6 Core Courses for specific needs, and 3 areas of Wellbeing address many issues you may want to continue working on or other issues you’d like to improve. Conscious Napping® is available in English and Spanish.



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