Jaime K.

Wow!! Talk about over delivering and great customer service. Here is my story- I attended what I thought to be a self hypnosis class on better sleep. I walked in and quickly realized my source for this class had listed the wrong date. As I pondered what to do in the empty office, the decor and the inviting atmosphere pulled me to stay. 
Linda, one of the Hypnotists was just finishing with a client and was generous enough to take the time and spend a good amount of it helping me. She even went as far as teaching me some of the techniques to help me with my issue. I did not expect or feel this was her obligation. She did it without hesitation.
I left feeling hopeful and excited to try the new techniques. I also left feeling the amazing service provided has me excited to visit again soon. Thank you Roberta for partnering with such awesome people like Linda. She was amazing.
It was truly a remarkable experience. Thank you!

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