Lake Tahoe, NV

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Lake Tahoe, NV. So many of history’s geniuses appreciated being in nature to understand the world and to create. How smart are you going to be today?

Nice Port, France

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a port in Nice, France. The sun was just coming up on this sleepy village and I felt an incredible sense of peace and happiness. It reminded me that I could feel like this at every sunrise if I would make a habit of noticing. 

Moss Beach, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Moss Beach in California. This picture fully captures the beauty of the inner peace inside of me. Find an image that works for you and put it somewhere you’ll see it everyday to remind yourself that you carry it inside of you everywhere you go.

Inner Peace for Stress -Recording

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Need some inner peace for stress? This was on a drop down on our website for quite a while after Covid began. I’m placing it here for some permanency. Come back anytime to listen!

Hypnosis for Emotional and Chronic Pain

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If you have chronic pain, it has likely been more problematic over these past 8 months. Stress and emotion are major drivers of pain. The times we are in now are a large factor in the number of clients we see for stress and pain management.  Everyone experiences pain differently because pain is based on […]

Hypnosis for Self Improvement

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Hi, I’m Linda Schutz a Board Certified Hypnotist at FARE Hypnosis. I recently had an aha experience that I wanted to share with you. The other day I was on zoom waiting for a client to show up for a hypnosis session. I happened to be looking into the computer screen, and I looked up into […]

How Stress Effects Your Body

Featured Video Play Icon Last week I talked about using self hypnosis to manage stress. Over the last decade or so, our lives have gotten more stressful. Now, for many, it’s off the charts. We’ve become complacent about stress management, accepting stress as simply a part of daily life. And while some level of stress is actually helpful, […]

Self Hypnosis for Stress Management

Featured Video Play Icon Today’s environment may be presenting you with some stressful situations. Many things are getting your attention and perhaps pulling you in different directions. Now more than ever, it’s important to do something that nourishes your soul – cook, garden, paint, write, sing, sit under the stars. All of these things can be done solo […]

A Whole Lot of Emotion Going On There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment. quarantining and racism is bring out a lot of emotions in everyone. Some keep it to themselves and some express it in a variety of ways. Two months ago I put out the challenge for you to look inside and think about what […]

La Sagrada de Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Today’s Friday Photo comes from La Sagrada de Familia in Barcelona, Spain. The church was filled with hundreds of people wearing headsets. Taking them off, the silence of just being in the beauty of the architecture and the lights from the stained glass was almost deafening. It’s amazing what we can hear if we listen.