I'm Sorry, Continued

Last week we talked about apologizing in a way that shared our gratitude instead of negativity.
What about saying “I’m Sorry” when we really aren’t sorry. You know what I mean – someone tells you sad news  or something terrible and you automatically say “I’m sorry”.  “I had to put my dog to sleep.” or “My child is going to have to repeat the 5th grade.” or “I have cancer.” 
We shouldn’t be apologizing, but we don’t know what else to say. Sorry can be used to express pity, regret, or sadness, but most often the word doesn’t convey what we’d like. I’ve actually had people say, “There’s no need to be sorry. You didn’t do anything.” Sound familiar? 
I’ve been thinking about how to reframe this automatic response and I thought I’d put this out there to you, my listening audience. Obviously various scenarios may require specific responses, choosing another word, perhaps. I’m wondering, what’s another way to express ourselves in reacting to ‘bad’ news other than saying, “I’m sorry”? Email me your thoughts about this and I’ll follow up with another blog. 
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