Golden Gate, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from The Golden Gate, CA. I have made an important decision to end my relationship with FaceBook and Twitter. This is a big and potentially damaging position to take for my business as I will no longer be visible there. I am only one tiny cog in the wheel, but this quote sums up why I’m leaving these platforms. I have had enough of the division, the lies, the bullying and the nastiness these platforms allow. I support free speech, but here people are free to create and do these things while hiding in cowardice and not understanding or caring about the consequences of their actions. I stay silent, but it makes me complicit. I no longer wish to be.

For those that enjoy these Friday photos and my Monday blogs, they will still be available on LinkedIn and on my website at You can sign up to have them delivered to your mailbox. (And no, I do not sell or solicit that list!)

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