Hypnosis for Parenting

As a parent you are your child's hypnotist. Learn how to use your words beneficially

A child doesn’t begin to develop logical and critical thinking until the age of seven or eight. This process continues through the twenties. Because the subconscious mind is very literal, and a young child has not context of the real world, the words you speak to your child can be taken in a way that you did not intend. This is why a four year old believes Santa delivers toys to every child in one night. The parent says it’s true and the child believes it. 

You can learn the language skills and techniques of a hypnotist to help your children grow to their full potential. Perhaps you can also get rid of the baggage you’re carrying around from your younger days as well…

In this first of a four part series on parenting, Roberta discusses parenting young children and how hypnotic techniques can be implemented by parents.

Sarah Nuahn with Jade Counseling joins me today to give some tips on parenting through the teen years.

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