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Rebecca Byrne, CH

I’m Rebecca Byrne. I am a certified hypnotist passionate about helping women access their inner resources and utilize this power to live the life they truly desire.

A twenty year career as a massage therapist actually led me to seek my hypnosis certification.

As I worked with clients to ease their physical aches and pains it became clear to me that some of the discomfort they experienced was not from physical strain but from repressed memories and emotions that became “stuck” in their bodies. Sometimes memories would spontaneously surface during sessions with my clients and I needed a tool to help them process and release emotions attached to those memories.

Hypnosis was a natural choice. My clients were already in a physically relaxed state so as I added hypnosis to the session they could get to a more deeply relaxed and receptive state that allowed them to process and release what was coming up. Hypnosis became the bridge
connecting the mind and body.

Now I focus mainly on hypnosis because I see how powerful it can be for my clients. Through hypnosis, clients recognize their true personal power and release old patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are not serving them. They become receptive to new ideas that help them dissolve obstacles and reach their goals.

Hypnosis is an incredible tool to find what’s been hiding in the shadows, allow it to express itself and create space for new, more helpful thought patterns and skills to take hold within ourselves.

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