The Power of Connection

I attended an amazing talk this week by Vikas Narula, founder of Keyhubs. Vikas has created a software program that provides insights on influence of people and projects from informal networks within organizations. He talked about how typical hierarchies in organizations and groups cause division, but informal networks can serve to bridge those divides.
Many people say technology keeps us from developing personal relationships and from communicating with each other. Vikas shows how the opposite can be true: How we can use technology to examine and improve how we interact within a group or organization and improve the culture of that group.
And Vikas took it a step further by showing us that the divides we see in organizations are also in our communities, and can be a reflection of divides that exist within each of us.
Before I became a hypnotist, I was a business consultant doing organizational change work. I learned that in order for an organization to change, the individuals within it had to change. I still do that today. I just use a different tool – hypnosis. I use hypnosis to help people have success when everything else has failed.
What do you want to change?
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