AHARA Application

The thought-provoking questions in this application will take at least one hour to complete, so allow yourself plenty of time. All questions must be answered in the same session, as your answers cannot be saved in this form. Once your application has been reviewed, we will send an email within 36 hours to set an appointment for an interview to determine further if you are a good match for AHARA and answer any questions you may have. Roberta and Brenda work with only one new client each month, so it is possible that you may not be able to start immediately. 

AHARA is for the individual who:

  • is already successful
  • would like to develop a new way of thinking and problem-solving 
  • wants to quickly take themself to the next level of accomplishment and beyond
  • will be open to new ideas
  • committed to personal and professional growth
  • will spend the time and energy needed to complete the program
  • can afford the $45,000.00 investment
  • wants to be a role model for others to do the same, creating a positive ripple effect in the world

In this six-month process: 

  • we will meet twice each week for one to two hours each session
  • we will utilize hypnosis every week to efficiently and quickly change thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors 
  • you will be provided with an extensive journal that serves as a repository for your lessons, tracking, assignments, notes, and reflections. Your journal will bear witness to the transformation you  experience

If AHARA is what you’ve been looking for, take the next step and answer the questions on this form thoughtfully and completely.