Brenda Kay, CH

With over 30 years of experience in the spiritual realm and ten years of coaching, Brenda has worked with hundreds of people to think differently, release limiting beliefs, awaken spiritually and sustain changes in their life and business! 

Today, spiritual entrepreneurs making six figures hire Brenda to Master their mindset because most know something is missing despite all their success, know something is missing. They can’t break through limiting beliefs to live a lifestyle of more.  So she helps them unleash a life of adventure and embody their limitless potential to master living on the edge for a life of more…more money, time, and freedom. Bottom line, there’s only one tool and one tool only that can Master your mindset…..YOU

It is time to stop those old patterns from running and unleash a life of adventure, spice up your relationships, and master living on the edge to express who you truly are, Bottom line, you finally get to live with intention so you can be the master of your journey and make your big dream a reality!

Change your thoughts, shift your life! Einstein once said: “We can’t solve our problems at the same level of thinking that created them,” Brenda will help you take your life to the next level and make the sustainable changes necessary to get the results you’re looking for in your relationships, business, personal life, and desires living from a truly soulful place.

Brenda is

  • a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • certified by the MN Institute of Advanced Communication Skills
  • certified 5-path Hypnotist by Banyan Hypnosis Center
  • certified as a 7th Path Teacher
  • certified in Pain Management from the American School of Clinical Hypnosis, International
  • certified in Pediatric and Cancer hypnosis by Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis
  • A certified health coach
  • has a lifetime of spiritual studies such as spiritual healer, energy worker, spiritual teacher, dowser, shamanism, and an intuitive harpist who changes your frequency with the power of musical vibration
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