Why Smokers Start Again

Hello, I’m Linda Schutz, a board certified hypnotist at Fare Hypnosis. 

Recently I was contacted by a past client. He had been smoke free for five years and then began smoking again while going through divorce. This does happen from time to time. But why? Why do some people become nonsmokers again for the rest of their lives and others, when faced with a life crisis, go back to the pack?

The answer is an emotional connection. There is some emotion that is driving the behavior. It’s not as if this past client woke up one day and his body signaled to him that it needed to be poisoned again. There was an emotion, such as anger, inadequacy or sadness that got in the drivers seat. On a subconscious level, he was seeking out a way to punish himself and what better way than to revert back to the pack.

Hypnosis can help him and others like him discover what the emotion is that’s driving the behavior so he can understand it and release it.

I’m Linda Schutz at Fare Hypnosis wishing you a healthy and happy day.

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