How We See Others

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I’ve been spending some time reflecting on how we see others. What it boils down to is that you decide how you are going to see them. You decide if they are nice, mean, smart, or stupid. And once you assign that label, you create them exactly like that. Your perception of everything shapes how […]

Be Selfish!

Featured Video Play Icon I want you to be selfish. That’s right. And I don’t mean just a little “ish”. I mean full out selfish! Let’s break this word down. Self means “a person’s particular nature or personality; the qualities that make a person individual or unique”. Ish – means “to some extent”. Put the two definitions together […]

Beaver Bay, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Beaver Bay, MN. This quote is perfectly matched to the even bigger picture you cannot see in this closeup. Millions of small rocks make up this spectacular beach on Lake Superior. And not one of them is wasted. What kind act can you perform today?

Your Emotional Map

Featured Video Play Icon In my NLP classes, I talk about how each of us has a different map of what reality looks like.  In Brene Brown’s Book, The Atlas of the Heart, she uses the map as a metaphor for emotions. Like a map… “…Human emotions and experiences are layers of biology, biography, behavior, and backstory. 1. […]

Atlas of the Heart

Featured Video Play Icon Amazon just delivered Brene Brown’s Atlas of the Heart. As expected, in just the few pages I’ve read so far, it will not disappoint. Here are some out-takes of her powerful expressions of what I’ve been teaching for years: “…Trying to outrun and outsmart vulnerability and pain is choosing a life defined by suffering […]

Emotional Intelligence

Featured Video Play Icon I’ve been working with a business leader who is struggling to retain personnel. According to ta Gallup poll the primary reason people choose to leave their job is that they have a poor relationship with their boss. This was definitely an issue for him, so we had a long talk about emotional intelligence. The […]

Experiences for a New Year – Kindness

Featured Video Play Icon This is an exercise in learning to think kindly of someone. Start with someone easy, then each day, as you get the feel for the exercise, include those who may be more challenging (like an annoying co-worker). Put the person’s name at the top of a page. For 10-20 minutes, Answer these questions about […]

Tioga Lake, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Tioga Lake in California. I love this quote. There are moments and places where a great centering connection happens between nature and your inner core. Tioga is one of those for me, but the truth is that you can tap into that place no matter where you are. 

Experiences for a New Year – What’s your Desire?

Featured Video Play Icon Find or decorate a big beautiful box. Each day, for thirty days, put a picture of something you really want in the box. (You can find a picture online and print it out, or get it from a magazine, etc) When you’ve done this for thirty days, take the pictures out of the box […]

Asheville, NC

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Asheville, North Carolina. These small flowers signify the essence of this quote. You don’t have to do something BIG to have a big impact on someone’s life. And what if every person did one small thing for someone this year? That would be 330 million points of gratitude. Just sayin’….