California Prius

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Prius in California. Two summers ago I was in downtown San Francisco and this was how hot it was! Summers in San Fran are usually chilly by the Bay. As the heat rolls across our country this week, be it temperature, Covid-19 or protests, I thought this quote was […]


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Today we are going to talk about lying. The most common emotion when someone lies to you is anger. You lose trust in that person and tend to think they are meaning to hurt you in some way. This can be true. There are people that simply lie about everything if the truth doesn’t serve […]

Relationship Needs

Featured Video Play Icon We see a lot of people with issues around relationships – both current and past. There’s many many things that can be problems in relationships – the big three being sex, money and communication – bu today I want to talk about needs. Specifically what do you need  in a relationship. Here’s my one […]


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A few years ago I did a blog on change. In today’s environment when people seem resistant to change in many areas, I thought I’d revisit the topic. One of the popular topics I trained on in the corporate arena was organizational change. It has to start with personal change, which really means looking at […]

Irrational Fears

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Fear can be one of the most beneficial or one of the most destructive emotions. Fear is meant to keep us safe, to protect us from danger. But when that fear gets irrational or misconstrued is when the problems start. Most of think of fear in a very specific way. You have a fear of […]

Group Consciousness

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Last week we talked about beliefs and perhaps you’d like to consider how that ties to this week’s topic – Group consciousness. You often take on the thoughts of others and make them your own without realizing it. The subconscious mind learns by repetition, so when you hear phrases or ideas repeated over and over, […]

Belief Origins

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Today I’d like to talk about how to make a more meaningful life for yourself and improve the world at large at the same time. Where do you get your beliefs? Well, believe it or not, most are formed at a very young age. They come from the influential people in your life, parents, teachers, […]

A Whole Lot of Emotion Going On There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment. quarantining and racism is bring out a lot of emotions in everyone. Some keep it to themselves and some express it in a variety of ways. Two months ago I put out the challenge for you to look inside and think about what […]

Golden Gate, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from The Golden Gate, CA. I have made an important decision to end my relationship with FaceBook and Twitter. This is a big and potentially damaging position to take for my business as I will no longer be visible there. I am only one tiny cog in the wheel, but this […]

Your Little One

Featured Video Play Icon One of my quarantining projects was to sort through a big box of old pictures from my Mom that have been sitting on the bottom of a closet for a number of years now. As I looked back on how everyone in those pictures had changed, I thought of another challenge for all of […]