Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

Hi, I’m Roberta Fernandez, your Ability Activator, and I’m a little late with the Monday mention this week, but I’m catching up here because I went to see the eclipse, which was pretty cool, I have to say. 

I want to read this quote because it goes back to a lot of the things we’ve been talking about with emotional intelligence, but this one takes it a little bit deeper into personal relationships.

The quote started out talking about no longer being held hostage by relationships and it says, “Find what you want in a relationship in yourself before you will find someone else who can give you what you need. You must have your own clarity about what you want first.”

Now, I have to say, I like the majority of that quote. The problem that I find with that quote is that you’re never going to find what you need in someone else. And I think the idea that once we find what we need for ourselves is very true and it is essential in becoming emotionally intelligent. But the part of the quote that says, before you will find someone else who can give you what you need, there is no one out there that can give you what you need. Everything that you need is inside of you. 

There are people in your life who can enhance your life, who can bring additional happiness into your environment, but the bottom line is you should never be dependent on someone else to give you what you need. 

And that’s my Monday Mention on Wednesday. I’ll see you tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts. Have a great day.


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