Puppy Love

Like many others who are spending lots of time alone at home, I decided to get a puppy. It’s been a long three years that I’ve been dog-less and while the freedom was nice, the house felt lonely.

What I love the most about puppies, and dogs in general, is their ability to show unconditional love. You can be late with dinner, forget to take them out, or be too tired to play, and they love you no matter what. No strings attached. No, “Hey, remember when you fed me 4 hours too late?” 

Many find it hard to love others without some strings attached. But the hardest person to love unconditionally, and the one who needs it the most, is our Self. Loving yourself with our conditions is the biggest game changer you can make. It will positively impact every single thing and person in your life. When you learn to love yourself it becomes much easier to do the same for others.

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