Name Those Feelings

Today I’m going to briefly describe the 11 feelings Cal discusses in his book. There’s many variations on a them but he’s boiled it down to the ones that bother us the most:
Primary feelings:
1. Boredom To grow through challenge
2. Anger To experience fairness for self and others
3. Guilt To be fair to others
4. Sadness To keep valued things and people
5. Loneliness To have meaningful relationships
6. Inadequacy To feel good enough/adequate
7. Stress To have success in managing one’s life
8. Fear To feel safe
Two other feelings:
9. The secondary feeling of Frustration To meet needs through own efforts
10. The tertiary feeling of Depression To be effective and hopeful
11. Sympathy To separate our past feelings from another’s
Next week we’ll talk about potential causes of these feelings.
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