A Bloomington Park, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Bloomington park, MN. Norman had it right. There is no synthetic medicine more powerful than your body and mind’s ability to heal. Just like these winter trees will be green again in Spring, so does your body rejuvenate itself

Stanford Medical School, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Stanford Medical School, CA. As my daughter defends her Ph.D. at Stanford, I found this quote to be timely. She has found her path, becoming her own person, as have all the other brilliant minds there. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you control your destiny, no matter where or […]

Lake Tahoe, NV

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Lake Tahoe, NV. So many of history’s geniuses appreciated being in nature to understand the world and to create. How smart are you going to be today?

Beaver Bay, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Beaver Bay, MN. This quote is perfectly matched to the even bigger picture you cannot see in this closeup. Millions of small rocks make up this spectacular beach on Lake Superior. And not one of them is wasted. What kind act can you perform today?

Tuscany, Italy

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Tuscany, Italy. This is an addition to last week’s quote because every single thing, good or bad, that goes on in your life is something that you have created! Record yourself for a week and examine your conversations. You’ll be surprised at the patterns that emerge. And then take stock […]

Muncie, IN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Muncie, IN. Words are the conveyor of your thoughts and beliefs. Are you choosing yours honestly and wisely? They are yielding your next crop.

Miramar, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Miramar, CA. Experience is the best teacher of all. What kinds of experiences are you creating in your life that enhance your growth?

Havasu River, AZ

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Havasu river in Arizona. Providing hope through example is the one thing we can all do for humanity.

Gooseberry, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Gooseberry, MN. Which will you choose to be?

Australian Fruit Bat

Today’s Friday Photo comes from an Australian Fruit Bat. While natural for this guy, Hanging upside down may feel precarious for humans. Though personal growth is sometimes uncomfortable, it is always worth it!