The Cost of Poor Sleep

Featured Video Play Icon When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? You know, the kind when you wake up in the morning and actually feel rested? What do you think that costs you? A recent study published by the National Institute of Health estimated that poor sleep quality attributed to $3400-$5200 additional dollars spent […]

Lake Tahoe, NV

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Lake Tahoe, NV. So many of history’s geniuses appreciated being in nature to understand the world and to create. How smart are you going to be today?

Unconvincing Yourself

Featured Video Play Icon I was teaching self-hypnosis to a client last week and an old definition for hypnosis came into my mind: The ability to convince yourself, or unconvince yourself of something. I laughed when I realized how good people are at self-hypnosis – negative self-hypnosis. The most powerful suggestions are the ones you give to yourself. […]


Featured Video Play Icon It’s true that people rise or lower to meet expectations. When you give someone, or are given a label, that’s a strong expectation.  What labels have you been given, or have given yourself?  A pain sufferer  A victim A person who has “this” disease or diagnosis (fill in the blank) Fat, poor, stupid, fearful […]

Bloomington, MN Spring

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Bloomington, MN. Spring is a message delivered through nature, just like this quote, to all of us! 

Minneapolis, MN

 Today’s Friday Photo comes from Minneapolis, MN. Another great quote that as a hypnotist, I can attest is 100% true. Rarely is something as bad as we imagine it may be. Use your imagination to create something wonderful. Even bad things, like the explosion of the Gold Medal Flour Company was turned into something that […]

Experiences for a New Year – Priorities

Featured Video Play Icon This is an exercise in learning to set realistic priorities and to also recognize how many things you think are essential, that aren’t really that important after all. On a large piece of paper make 2 columns titled: Things I will do today (list only the things you absolutely intend, need or want to […]

Experiences for a New Year – What’s your Desire?

Featured Video Play Icon Find or decorate a big beautiful box. Each day, for thirty days, put a picture of something you really want in the box. (You can find a picture online and print it out, or get it from a magazine, etc) When you’ve done this for thirty days, take the pictures out of the box […]

Experiences for a New Year – Money

Featured Video Play Icon Here’s 2 exercises that can be used for issues around money. Adapt how you look at them depending on your desired outcome. First, put a $100 bill in your wallet. (Or imagine one there until you can get one!) As you go through your day, look at it and think of how many things […]

Experiences for a New Year – Emotions

Featured Video Play Icon At the end of 2021, I posted a couple of blogs about emotions. I’m in my 10th year of practice, and find that emotions are at the heart of almost every issue my clients have. In the text below this video, you’ll find the Emotional Ladder chart (from Ask and It Is Given). Here’s […]