Life IS a Journey

Featured Video Play Icon Perhaps you are a driven person. You’ve got your goals and to-do lists, and come hell or high water, it’ll get done.  Maybe you’re planning a trip to Italy. You’re going to Rome, Pisa, Portofino, Milan, Venice, and Firenze, then back home. But you say, “Wait? My final destination is home? Why go? I’m […]

How Do You Take Action toward Your Goals? I recently listened to a speaker explaining his method for increasing sales to business owners.  It was full of goal setting, analyzing the number of calls to close ratios, and setting daily targets to get the required percentage by the end of the week. I was exhausted when all his calculations were worked backward […]

Balsam Lake, WI

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Balsam Lake, WI. The leaves were just starting to turn the week before last as I cruised the lake with friends. Being on the water this time of the year is so peaceful. I was living this quote!

Ellery Lake, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Eller Lake in California. I felt so peaceful here. Was it the water and the mountains or the company I was with? Maybe those things added to my enjoyment, but I chose to be present and savor the beauty, and let the stresses of life fade away. This is a […]

Teen Confidence

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As parents and guardians of teens, we don’t always think about how much pressure and how many expectations teens have. They have expectations from home and at school, both to do more AND to do it all well. Pressure to drive, the expectation to pick a career and college, and decide what the rest of […]

The Cost of Poor Sleep

Featured Video Play Icon When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? You know, the kind when you wake up in the morning and actually feel rested? What do you think that costs you? A recent study published by the National Institute of Health estimated that poor sleep quality attributed to $3400-$5200 additional dollars spent […]

Lake Tahoe, NV

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Lake Tahoe, NV. So many of history’s geniuses appreciated being in nature to understand the world and to create. How smart are you going to be today?

Unconvincing Yourself

Featured Video Play Icon I was teaching self-hypnosis to a client last week and an old definition for hypnosis came into my mind: The ability to convince yourself, or unconvince yourself of something. I laughed when I realized how good people are at self-hypnosis – negative self-hypnosis. The most powerful suggestions are the ones you give to yourself. […]


Featured Video Play Icon It’s true that people rise or lower to meet expectations. When you give someone, or are given a label, that’s a strong expectation.  What labels have you been given, or have given yourself?  A pain sufferer  A victim A person who has “this” disease or diagnosis (fill in the blank) Fat, poor, stupid, fearful […]