Street Hypnosis

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Here are 4 minutes of street hypnosis I performed with a few people on the Las Vegas Strip last week! It’s incredible what can be accomplished in such a short period. In 11 years of practice, I’ve never done this, so just like I encourage clients to step out of the box, I walked the […]

Street Hypnosis

Roberta talks about her first street hypnosis experience on the Las Vegas strip.

The Destructive Power of Fear, Part 3

Featured Video Play Icon This is a three part series on the destructive power of fear. If you missed the first two segments, you can find them by clicking on the video blog tab at They will be in the archives. The icing on this destructive cake of fear is repetition. Fear lives in your subconscious mind […]

Hypnosis and Your Incredible Brain

Featured Video Play Icon I read an article by a colleague, Rebecca Rishe and I wanted to share some of her thoughts with you about your magnificent brain. Your brain weighs about 2-lbs., 10-oz. It is estimated to contain around 15 billion transistorized cells, each of which has the capacity to store more than 100,000 bits of information. […]

Where’s Your Bike on the Path?

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Feel like you are always pedaling uphill, or worse yet, your chain has come off and you are stuck where you are on your path? There are many things that can keep you stuck. Stuck in worry or fear or pain, or because of these things, in a lack of sleep.

Subconscious to Conscious Communication

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I’ve said before that the brain cannot tell the difference between what is real, and what is vividly imagined. Many neuroscience experiments have shown that very similar areas of your brain that process thoughts (I think I’m moving my finger), also process the actual doing (I’m really moving my finger). This is why vividly imagining […]

Hypnosis, pain and Opioids

Dr David Spiegel from Stanford University talks about hypnosis, pain and opioids at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Stanford Research on Hypnosis

Check out the latest Stanford research on hypnosis. My experience illustrates that many, many people in between the ranges of this study also benefit. The science behind hypnosis gets stronger every day. This is one more confirmation of what I talk about in my new book. See the study here  

Cell Memory

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Remember that old saying, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you?” Well, that is far


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Today let’s talk about mindfulness and the choices we make. There was a recent study that asked people how many food choices they made during the day.