Bay Inlet, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Bay Inlet in California. This one felt personal to me as I turned my hobby of fiction writing into an actual publishing venture. I’m getting that late start in life as a writer. Like the driftwood, I certainly don’t look thirty anymore and am absolutely uncertain about it, but […]

You Get What You Expect

Featured Video Play Icon FARE is an acronym for the 4 laws of the mind: Focus, Associate, Repeat and Expect. Today I want to talk about expectations, specifically those you have about others. People will rise or lower to your expectations. When you go into a situation with the expectation that someone will behave in a way that […]

Take inspired Action: Plug in the Vacuum

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A few weeks ago I talked about goal setting and the difference between taking action and taking inspired action.  I suggested taking time to place your thoughts and energy around something that makes you feel good before taking action. In other words, to get inspired about your goals. I heard this great metaphor that I […]

Golden Gate Bridge, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Golden Gate Bridge, CA. This is just one of my favorite pictures with one of my favorite quotes. There is simply no losing. Period.

How Do You Take Action toward Your Goals? I recently listened to a speaker explaining his method for increasing sales to business owners.  It was full of goal setting, analyzing the number of calls to close ratios, and setting daily targets to get the required percentage by the end of the week. I was exhausted when all his calculations were worked backward […]

Chanhassen, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Chanhassen, MN spring. As fall looms around the corner this picture reminds me of the wonder of nature. With the end of the flowers and the beginning of falling leaves, year after year, it never gives up. 

Weight Loss has a Different Focus at FARE Hypnosis

Featured Video Play Icon Weight Loss has a Different Focus at FARE Hypnosis. Hi, my name is Rebecca Byrne. I’m a certified hypnotist withFARE Hypnosis, and I am joining you from my little meditation corner in my house today. I want to talk with you about how hypnosis approaches weight loss differently than traditional means. And I think that […]

Teen Confidence

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As parents and guardians of teens, we don’t always think about how much pressure and how many expectations teens have. They have expectations from home and at school, both to do more AND to do it all well. Pressure to drive, the expectation to pick a career and college, and decide what the rest of […]

Three Ways to Check Your Self-Talk

Featured Video Play Icon Hi.  I’m Rebecca Byrne, a certified hypnotist with Fare Hypnosis.  Today I’d like to check in with you.  How helpful are the thoughts that you’re thinking to yourself about yourself?  Sometimes the thoughts that run through our heads are running on repeat.  They have become so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t […]