Sports Improvement

Today I want to talk about sports performance improvement. There have been a lot of studies like this, but in one particular stay, participants were asked to exercise their finger like this ten minutes a day for 30 days. Another group imagined exercising their finger like that with a voice in the background yelling “Harder, Harder!”
At the end of 30 days the group that had actually done the exercise had increased strength of 30%. The group that had only imagined it had increased strength of 22%!
A lot of top athletes in the world use hypnosis to help them improve their performance. Hypnosis won’t make you a superman, but when you combine your physical skills, your knowledge about the sport you are playing and with the imagination that is available to you in hypnosis, the combination can be incredible.
So if you want to have more aces, if you want to get off the ball a little faster, or shave a few strokes off your golf game, try hypnosis.
I’m Roberta Fernandez, a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Trainer at The FARE Hypnosis Center, located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Let us help you take back control by unlocking the power of your mind to reach your goals of any kind.

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