The Last Friday Photo comes from Victoria, BC

Today will be the last Friday Photo. For more than 7.5 years I have posted 399 pictures that I have taken all over the world, pairing them with quotes I love and comments about what they made me think about at the time they were posted. Some of you may miss them, but perhaps I’ll […]

Motivation versus Inspiration

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Clients often tell me they want more motivation. I tell them there’s a big difference between motivation and inspiration.  Motivation often implies that if you don’t do something, there will be consequences – usually negative ones. It’s something you feel like you HAVE to do. Inspiration comes from within. It is what brings you satisfaction, even […]

Alicante, Spain

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Alicante, Spain. I lived in Florida, surrounded by palm trees for 50+ years which never really impressed me. I never imagined they could be so beautiful. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we can imagine anything we wish. 


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AHARA results from the cumulative knowledge gained from being a serial entrepreneur spanning multiple disciplines. It is a unique way to approach problem-solving, goals, Self-development, and life. This program is forward-thinking and positively focused on a new way of thinking and viewing everything in your world. Before becoming a hypnotist, I was a business consultant […]

Backwood River Lake Superior, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Backwood River near Lake Superior, MN. Why is it human nature to want to make everything harder than it has to be by trying to paddle upstream? Follow nature and learn from it – it’s been around a lot longer than humans. Go with the flow!

You are a Disco Ball

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The image of a disco ball came into my mind while working with a client recently. Perhaps you’ve danced under one, mesmerized by the sparkles on the floor, caught up in the patterns it created as it swirls around and around. You are like that disco ball, a thousand pieces of tiny mirrors that create […]

Split Rock Bay, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Split Rock Bay, MN. Truths are an interesting thing. Some are absolute (though I challenge them at times, too). Some are relative. We make up truths every day. What illusions are you holding on to?


Featured Video Play Icon Integrity is defined as being honest and having strong moral values, of being whole and undivided. I think the first part of the definition cannot be possible without the second. When you live your life with integrity you never have to explain who you are, it is evident. You never have to justify your […]

Half Moon Bay Cliffs, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Half Moon Bay, CA. I couldn’t find a truer quote! Everything is between the ears, so to speak.

Love and Kindness

Featured Video Play Icon I have talked a lot in these blogs about love and kindness. About paying it forward. While love and kindness are the best way to make your life, and this world, better, the first step is to feel it for yourself. I’ve also often said that the most powerful suggestion you could get is […]