What Does A Spiritual Awakening Feel like?

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https://youtu.be/XkByTZFipAI You may be asking, what does spiritual awakening feel like? As you go through a spiritual awakening you may feel various symptoms from time to time. Especially each time you experience a shift or up-leveling in your consciousness. Hypersensitivity & Heightened awareness – An increase in intuition and sense of awareness. Becoming more in […]

Laguna Beach, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Laguna Beach, California. Like this unusual seahorse (Look closer!), you may not always recognize what you are asking for, and therefore what you are attracting. Be clear in how you feel about what you really want!

Hypnosis for Chronic Pain

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https://youtu.be/ZPkNFscnEs4 It’s been a while since I talked about hypnosis for chronic pain. Of all of the issues that hypnosis can be of benefit, none have been studied as much as pain. The efficacy of hypnosis for pain management is scientifically sound. While I often speak of my personal success with self-hypnosis, people will have […]

Deephaven, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Deephaven, MN. As the leaves are just starting to turn and fall, I’m reminded of this saying that I tell my clients all the time. Just as nature repeats her seasons, so we repeat our life experiences through our thoughts. How will you change your thinking with this new season?

Smoking, Chewing, and Vaping

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https://youtu.be/c8PzuTMjCHA Hi, I’m Tracy Krogen, a certified consulting hypnotist with a BS in social work. I want to talk about smoking, chewing, and vaping. Their use leads to preventable diseases, costing billions of dollars yearly related medical interventions. It is highly addictive to those who choose to use them, making it difficult to quit. Nicotine […]

Chanhassen, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Chanhassen, MN spring. As fall looms around the corner this picture reminds me of the wonder of nature. With the end of the flowers and the beginning of falling leaves, year after year, it never gives up. 

Spiritual Awakening

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https://youtu.be/Jzb9yCdKEbI You may ask….what is spiritual awakening….This is where you are going from the state of what we call spiritually asleep to a state of awakened awareness. A spiritual awakening dissolves the illusion that you are separate from oneness. In this profound revelation, a person’s energy moves and starts to transform who you really are. […]

Rainforest, AU

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Rainforest in Australia. The height of this tree confirmed that even with its unique structure, it was able to survive varied conditions over many years. It, like us, can’t control the conditions around us, but we can keep growing strong despite them.

Weight Loss has a Different Focus at FARE Hypnosis

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https://youtu.be/wNOJwswYuW0 Weight Loss has a Different Focus at FARE Hypnosis. Hi, my name is Rebecca Byrne. I’m a certified hypnotist withFARE Hypnosis, and I am joining you from my little meditation corner in my house today. I want to talk with you about how hypnosis approaches weight loss differently than traditional means. And I think that […]

Teen Confidence

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As parents and guardians of teens, we don’t always think about how much pressure and how many expectations teens have. They have expectations from home and at school, both to do more AND to do it all well. Pressure to drive, the expectation to pick a career and college, and decide what the rest of […]