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Meet Roberta, Your Ability Activator!

Roberta Fernandez, BCH

Board Certified Hypnotist

Roberta has been practicing since 2013. To know more about Roberta’s expertise, click here.

You sense the professionalism and feel at right at home.

Let our clients tell you how well it works:

When I first started coming here I was angry and suffering from insomnia. Through the sessions I've been able to pinpoint and work through the negativity and release it. I am sleeping more soundly and am more at peace than I can ever remember. I am also able to understand who I am in a more clear way.
Tracey K.
I cannot thank FARE Hypnosis enough for working with me and my circumstance. This is not what I expected at all. Thank you for giving me the tools to succeed with whatever it is I need, and for teaching how to let go of the things that are not useful to me. This is not just laying back letting someone talk to you. No magic act. This is hard work and important tools to apply to life.
Melissa B.
Roberta has helped me learn to live a better life by helping me get rid of many negative emotions or feelings I was holding on to that I didn’t even know were there. Thanks to this, I am able to see life in a positive manner and I can now be a better mother to my children and actually enjoy my kids and not feel like I’m a terrible mom. I can smile and feel the happiness in my smile, feel the hugs I give to my children and enjoy them to the fullest. Thank you Roberta!
St. Paul

We offer in-person
and online hypnosis sessions 

 Our processes work with you at our office,
or in the comfort of your own home.

There’s no difference in the effectiveness between online and in-person hypnosis. Check out this brief article:

The Effectiveness of Online Hypnosis

Ahara is a Sanskrit term that refers to the support of consciousness,
eliminating everything which is not the intrinsic or higher nature of yourself.

The AHARA acronym describes the benefits of this one-on-one quantum process:

A Higher Awareness and Realization of your Abilities

AHARA is for successful individuals who want to take themselves to the next level of thinking and being in their personal and professional lives. AHARA provides the skills to observe and process the world around you differently, enabling you to quantum leap into the place you desire to be, where others can only aspire to be. 

Make your commitment to discover your Self and transform your life today!

Weekly Video Blog

Video Blog

AHARA Athlete

Last month I announced a new service called AHARA. Today I’m announcing the birth of AHARA Athlete.  I’ve always enjoyed working with athletes, whether they

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