The Effectiveness of Online Hypnosis

Like many other businesses, Covid-19 has impacted the way we work with clients. We’ve done online sessions for years for out of state or infirm clients, but when we were sheltered in place, we made the decision, at least for now, to move our practice entirely online. We feel that it is the safest and most convenient way to work with you during this unprecedented time.

Some have asked if hypnosis is as effective online as it is in person. Absolutely!

The beneficial effects are achieved through words so there is no difference between working in person or via video conference. Once you close your eyes and enter hypnosis, you aren’t really paying attention to where you are. The way you are connected to the hypnotist, whether online or in person, is through their voice. None of this changes online.

We are excited about online session because we can work with people all over the world. And you can refer us to your non-local family member or friend who can use our services.

There are many benefits for you to doing online sessions:

  • Saves travel time 
  • Your familiar home environment provides you with a safe, comfortable space
  • Inclement weather won’t matter
  • You can have sessions no matter where you are – home, office, out of your town
  • In a healthy environment of your own control
  • Mask free and Covid safe

You can find out more about how to prepare for your online sessions here. So, bottom line, if you’ve got some ear buds, a good internet connection and some privacy, we are good to go!

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