Empathy is a Good Thing

https://youtu.be/zLQ7noZWOQQ I’d like to challenge the idea that empathy is a good thing. Empathy means that you take on the feelings of others as your own. Typically empathy is present when someone is feeling bad, so taking that on as your own is detrimental to you. When you go down to that bad level you […]

Walking My Talk with Confidence and Courage

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I’m often asked what I do as a hypnotist. It’s a more complicated question than it seems to be. Last weekend I crossed a big item off my bucket list. It’s something I’ve never done before: I sang in front of people. It was suggested that I choose an easier song, but I love Shallow […]

Words and Wellbeing

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Words and Wellbeing go hand in hand. I often talk about the power of words because they are important. But something that is even more important is the feeling and intention behind the words. I’ll use the word healing as an example. It can apply to physical or mental healing. If you are talking about healing as […]


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AHARA results from the cumulative knowledge gained from being a serial entrepreneur spanning multiple disciplines. It is a unique way to approach problem-solving, goals, Self-development, and life. This program is forward-thinking and positively focused on a new way of thinking and viewing everything in your world. Before becoming a hypnotist, I was a business consultant […]

Self-Esteem: Knowing Your Value

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Your self-esteem must come from knowing your value.  In your professional life, you must be clear on the value of your talents and what you bring to the table. If you aren’t sure, no one else will be either, and you’ll never garner the respect you deserve. In your personal relationships, it is up to […]

Fear – F.E.A.R.

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Fear is on my mind today. It is an emotion that has an important purpose – to tell you that you aren’t feeling safe. I want to talk about is the acronym of fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. It comes in many forms. Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good […]

You Get What You Expect

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https://youtu.be/Sh6kQmOGr40 FARE is an acronym for the 4 laws of the mind: Focus, Associate, Repeat and Expect. Today I want to talk about expectations, specifically those you have about others. People will rise or lower to your expectations. When you go into a situation with the expectation that someone will behave in a way that […]

How We See Others

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I’ve been spending some time reflecting on how we see others. What it boils down to is that you decide how you are going to see them. You decide if they are nice, mean, smart, or stupid. And once you assign that label, you create them exactly like that. Your perception of everything shapes how […]


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https://youtu.be/w65ki1O38Dc It’s true that people rise or lower to meet expectations. When you give someone, or are given a label, that’s a strong expectation.  What labels have you been given, or have given yourself?  A pain sufferer  A victim A person who has “this” disease or diagnosis (fill in the blank) Fat, poor, stupid, fearful […]


https://youtu.be/sWvzR4pxAdc Goals. Most people are in a hurry to accomplish or attain things. Perhaps, like many others, you desire instant gratification or at least quick resolution. How thoroughly have you thought about the ones you have set for yourself? Are they in alignment with your beliefs and your expectations? Have you thought about how they […]