Your Song

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There have been a myriad of song parodies on the internet over theses last few months. Quarantining had definitely inspired a lot of creativity. Music soothes the soul, energizes us, makes us cry. It invokes many emotions  and can set the tone of the moment. So it got me to thinking about my own personal […]

La Sagrada de Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Today’s Friday Photo comes from La Sagrada de Familia in Barcelona, Spain. The church was filled with hundreds of people wearing headsets. Taking them off, the silence of just being in the beauty of the architecture and the lights from the stained glass was almost deafening. It’s amazing what we can hear if we listen.

To Be

Featured Video Play Icon I was reading a few excerpts from a book called the Story of Be by David Crystal. Now you’d really have to BE into language and it’s history to likely enjoy this book. He says, “It has many forms, and they’re all quite short: “be,” “is,” “am,” “was,” “were.” But the importance of the […]

Bush Lake Meadow, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a meadow near Bush Lake in Minnesota. Spring has sprung and it’s important for us to focus on things that bring us pleasure. Nature is always presenting us with beautiful things if we take a moment to notice. So take a break and look around to see the beauty life […]

Forum, Rome, Italy

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Forum in Rome, Italy. Yes, our lives have changed dramatically these past few months. But life always requires us to change every day. Shaw says it more succinctly that I can. Adapting to a new normal requires open minds and new thoughts about almost everything. There are always solutions […]

Wales, UK

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Wales, UK. An old quote but so relevant for today’s unprecedented times. An open mind allows for creativity and new ideas to come forward to solve problems. Remember though, that where you place your focus is important. Finding solutions require a mind much more open than the one focused on […]

North Shore Water Fall, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a North Shore Water Fall, MN. Allow the power of this waterfall to resonate with the power you have inside of you. Keep things in perspective and align your life with the vision of what you want. 

Working from Home

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Let’s talk about working at home. For some of us, it’s a big change. My dining room table is my office. My extra bed now sleeps piles of work files and office supplies. If Amazon knew that some of the things I ordered ARE essential to my organizational mental health, I might not have to […]

Amboselli National Park, Kenya

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Amboselli National Park, Kenya. Elephants face the threat of poaching and extinction every day. But their daily life goes on. How you deal with adversity is up to you. How you feel and act are perhaps, the only thing you really have control over.

Helping the Caregivers

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I was scheduled to give a talk to about 300 nurses at the Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association on the topic of Presencing next month. Obviously this is not going to happen.