Bay Inlet, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Bay Inlet in California. This one felt personal to me as I turned my hobby of fiction writing into an actual publishing venture. I’m getting that late start in life as a writer. Like the driftwood, I certainly don’t look thirty anymore and am absolutely uncertain about it, but […]


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Thanksgiving signals the time of the year when for the next six weeks retailers remind us to eat, give gifts, and be thankful.  A part of me is grateful for the reminder. It’s easy to get caught up in the challenges life brings and forget to practice gratitude. A larger part of me asks “Why […]

Lake Superior, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Lake Superior, MN. Some early winter weather has come our way, and it’s been unusually overcast and gray. This quote reminds us to appreciate the rays of sunshine that come in many forms that each day holds.

You Get What You Expect

Featured Video Play Icon FARE is an acronym for the 4 laws of the mind: Focus, Associate, Repeat and Expect. Today I want to talk about expectations, specifically those you have about others. People will rise or lower to your expectations. When you go into a situation with the expectation that someone will behave in a way that […]

Chanhassen Garden, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Chanhassen Garden in Minnesota. I planted purple irises. The second year the birds and bees must have had a different plan in mind. Seeing these new blooms set my imagination on fire, wondering what year three would bring….

Spiritual Self-Care

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Hi, I am Brenda Kay, a certified hypnotist and Soul Coach.  In the past 10 years, I have helped thousands of individuals to find the missing link to connect with their soul self or higher self. Today is about time for spiritual self-care. Taking time for spiritual self-care is soul-fulfilling. It encourages introspection and offers […]

Life IS a Journey

Featured Video Play Icon Perhaps you are a driven person. You’ve got your goals and to-do lists, and come hell or high water, it’ll get done.  Maybe you’re planning a trip to Italy. You’re going to Rome, Pisa, Portofino, Milan, Venice, and Firenze, then back home. But you say, “Wait? My final destination is home? Why go? I’m […]

Henderson, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Henderson, MN. I chose this picture because somehow it reminds me of Halloween! The picture doesn’t have anything to do with the quote – or does it? (You know, blood and cutting and all that gory, spooky stuff…)

Take inspired Action: Plug in the Vacuum

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A few weeks ago I talked about goal setting and the difference between taking action and taking inspired action.  I suggested taking time to place your thoughts and energy around something that makes you feel good before taking action. In other words, to get inspired about your goals. I heard this great metaphor that I […]

Golden Gate Bridge, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Golden Gate Bridge, CA. This is just one of my favorite pictures with one of my favorite quotes. There is simply no losing. Period.