Thursday Thought: Head Downstream

Featured Video Play Icon Hi Everybody! It’s Roberta Fernandez, and it’s time for your Thursday Thought of the day. I’m standing outside of my office listening to the sound of the water, and I thought I’d leave you with this thought: We put our boats in the water and we head upstream, and we paddle way too hard, […]

Monday Mention: Serious vs Personal Criticism

Featured Video Play Icon There’s a big difference between Serious vs Personal Criticism. I heard a quote the other day from Bill Clinton.  He said, “You must have discipline in personal attacks. When you are angry you are already taking it personally, and you can’t take it seriously.” This is important when we think about the role emotional […]

Thursday Thought: Waiting for Happiness

Featured Video Play Icon Hi Everybody! It’s time for your Thursday Thought for the week. A quote from Jane Nightbirde: “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” Think about that over your weekend. I’m Roberta Fernandez, Your Ability Activator. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Leadership: Performance vs Presence

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Are you performing that role or are you being being present in your role? There’s a huge difference between these two things, because a lot of people show up and perform their duties, know, their day-to-day stuff, managing people, taking care of business.   But a real leader exhibits presence. And what I mean by […]

Find the Overlap

Hi Everybody, it’s Roberta Fernandez, and welcome to Monday Mentions.  I was lifting to a masterclass with Madeleine Albright and Condoleeza Rice and they were talking about diplomacy.  And Madeleine said “Not every discussion has to be an argument. It’s an opportunity to delve into where the other person is coming from.”   They went […]

Thursday Thought: Even If

Featured Video Play Icon It’s time for your Thursday Thought: Even If You know, fear involves a lot of what-if kind of thinking. And I wonder if this weekend you could practice something different. For example, changing what-if to even-if. Because what-if takes away all your power, and even if gives it back.   I’m Roberta Fernandez, your […]

Awareness vs Habituation

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In today’s Monday Mention, Roberta talks about Awareness vs Habituation and the importance of adding new things to your day for a rush of dopamine and active neuronal activity in your brain.

Thursday Thought: More Play

Featured Video Play Icon  Hi Everybody, it’s Roberta Fernandez, your Ability Activator. Welcome to today’s Thursday Thought.  You know, a lot of people have this subconscious need to validate their existence and the result of that is that we lose our ability sometimes to express and experience joy or playfulness. So I want to leave you with this […]

Emotional Intelligence in Relationships

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Hi, I’m Roberta Fernandez, your Ability Activator, and I’m a little late with the Monday mention this week, but I’m catching up here because I went to see the eclipse, which was pretty cool, I have to say.  I want to read this quote because it goes back to a lot of the things we’ve […]

Thursday Thought: The Greatest Test

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Here’s your Thursday Thought: The Greatest Test I’m Roberta Fernandez, Your Ability Activator, and it’s time for your Thursday Thought.   Today I want to leave you with a quote. And I just love this quote. I don’t know who wrote it, but it’s genius. The quote goes like this:  “It is not the things […]