Sadie W. from Minnetonka

Linda helped me become a non smoker. Her work with me made the impossible possible. She told me it would be the easiest thing I ever did and it was. 20 years of smoking with serious unsuccessful attempts and for it tp work is an amazing gift. Linda got to know me and really “reeled” along side of me. She did develop rapport and comfort with me very quickly. She has excellent skills and intuition. Her approach made everything feel doable. She was supportive and encouraging. Overall, it was a very positive and life changing process. read more

Terry D. from Minnetonka

These past weeks have been a necessary step I needed to take. I am glad I decided to give hypnosis a try when I felt I had no options left. I truly appreciate my experience and am finding myself looking forward to the next steps in my life. A weight has been lifted and I feel free. Thank you Linda! read more

Emily from Eden Prairie

Roberta has helped me learn to live a better life by helping me get rid of many negative emotions or feelings I was holding on to that I didn’t even know were there. Thanks to this, I am able to see life in a positive manner and I can now be a better mother to my children and actually enjoy my kids and not feel like I’m a terrible mom. I can smile and feel the happiness in my smile, feel the hugs I give to my children and enjoy them to the fullest. Thank you Roberta! read more

Becky H. from Maple Grove

I had a very positive experience. I was nervous and hesitant to try hypnosis, but talking through what to expect during my consultation put me at ease. I have learned numerous tools throughout my sessions and how to use them moving forward. I’m happy I took this step and am excited to use it in my everyday life. read more

Tracy K. from Minneapolis

I can’t say enough about how helpful Linda has been. After my first session, I described the visit as having accomplished more than 10 years of talk therapy ever could have. Never have I imagined that I could feel so relaxed. Our work has been truly life changing!! read more

Annie C. from Minneapolis

One year as a non smoker thanks to the FARE Hypnosis Center! Best thing I ever did in my whole life. Smoking doesn’t even cross my mind EVER anymore. Not only was I able to give up a horrible habit, I gained a new self awareness and confidence that motivated me to do some great things in my life. Thank you FARE! Keep up the amazing work read more

Lauren W. from Minneapolis

Hi Roberta,
I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was a client if yours when I lived in Minneapolis. read more

Nathan K. from Minneapolis

This has been by far one of the best and most life changing experiences for both my family and I. If you have any sort of problem in your mind that holds you back from living your best life, I would highly recommend this place. read more

Kim M. from Excelsior

From the moment I started talking to Linda I knew I was at the right place. Linda in not only an amazing hypnotist, but a wonderful, caring person as well. I came in to address stress, fear and worry over my health. I cannot express the freedom and peace that comes from letting it all go. Friends, family and most importantly, I, feel like a new person. Forever grateful. read more

Elle V. from Minnetonka


Thank you for helping me with my sports anxiety and stomach aches. It really helped! read more

Mike S. from Eden Prairie

This was an amazing experience. Linda was exceptional with the positive thoughts and helping me through this. Linda is genuine in her caring and honest with my thoughts. I would recommend this to all smokers who want to quit! read more

Ben B. from Cottonwood

Linda helped me recognize why I felt the way I felt and understand how to break free from negative thought loops. She taught me how to turn my fears into confidence and look at things in a completely different way. I’m now able to break free from negative thoughts the moment they arise when I used to ruminate on them. read more

Erik B from Minneapolis

Linda changed my life. About 18mo ago I went to an information session at FARE which led me to trying 6 or 7 sessions of hypnosis last summer for insomnia. Ultimately it wasn’t about the insomnia, it was about noticing how and understanding why I react certain ways. It was like guided visualization into some of my emotions, emotions I often feel but suppress. In hindsight it seems so simple, but it was a kind of insight which I’ve not experienced elsewhere. I’d been working with a psychologist for a few years, who has been a great help to me and my business and continues to be, but I needed to be guided through a feeling that was really scary to me (my psychologist was surprised at how effective it was for me and now we can delve further into things). The book Linda had me read was a great insight into emotions as well, really essential, and I now find it hard to believe they don’t teach emotions better in school. I’m an NIH-funded former neuroimaging scientist, published in depression research and I’m shocked at how shallow my understanding of negative emotions was before my sessions with Linda. I will be returning for a follow-up session (can’t believe its been nine months already)! read more

Kirsten H. from Minnetonka

I learned many techniques and new strategies to tackle my fears and anxiety that had been holding me back. I truly believe that allowing yourself to be open to this experience can change you for the better. Thank you, Linda for all of your help! read more

Tina S. from Mendota Heights

I’ve had an amazing experience with my sessions with Linda. She helped me so much in just a few sessions to regain my self-esteem. I am very grateful! read more

Abby G. from Chanhassen

When I first came in I found myself struggling with confidence on the basketball court and I would struggle with breathing while playing. I would also play way too fast. But once I started hypnosis I found it helped me in more ways than I could imagine. I originally came in seeking help for basketball, but I found myself benefitting a lot more than just in basketball, but in life. I find myself being a better person in general. I feel like I am a better me now. read more

Harpreet S. from Minneapolis

Hypnosis has been the most effective tool that I’ve encountered (and I have used many), The speed with which changes take a hold in ones’ self is truly impressive. I’d highly recommend Linda as a hypnotist. read more

Tracy K. from Chanhassen

When I started coming here I was angry and suffering from insomnia. Through the sessions I’ve been able to pin point and work through the negativity and release it. I am sleeping more soundly and am more at peace than I can ever remember. I am also able to understand who I am in a more clear way. read more

Jen W. from Waconia

I had been searching high and low for help with a particular issue that I had struggled with my entire life. Solutions I had found in the past worked for a short while, and then they would stop working. I found Linda and FARE Hypnosis on a whim and walked in with a completely open mind. I trusted her, and her work, from the minute I met her. She was warm and nurturing yet very eager to get to the bottom of what was plaguing me. She has a no nonsense approach to helping and I walked away from each session feeling like a door, leading to a happier, lighter, and less stressed me, was opening. I just finished me last session with Linda and I know that I am leaps and bounds from where I started. Honestly, I am a completely different person inside. I am so grateful for Linda’s positive and effective work. – Jen read more

Chastity K. from Victoria

My experiences with hypnosis was good. I was able to feel a fresh approach to my challenges in life. It is so helpful to have the knowledge of how I can help myself feel better. Thanks you for putting me in touch with my inner strength! read more

People told me this would not work – I’m too hard headed. But I did want to quit and I went on with he sessions. I have not smoked and I feel better. You can too. This will work!!! read more

Tory R. from Eden Prairie

Wow, I’m so impressed with how good Linda is! I came in to see if I can become an even higher performer in many areas of life and our first session was amazing. Hypnosis should be considered more of a first treatment, not a last resort! read more

Jen from Eden Prairie

I had been searching high and low for help with a particular issue that I had struggled with my entire life. Solutions I had found in the past worked for a short while, and then they would stop working. I found Linda and FARE Hypnosis on a whim and walked in with a completely open mind. I trusted her, and her work, from the minute I met her. She was warm and nurturing yet very eager to get to the bottom of what was plaguing me. She has a no nonsense approach to helping and I walked away from each session feeling like a door, leading to a happier, lighter, and less stressed me, was opening. I just finished me last session with Linda and I know that I am leaps and bounds from where I started. Honestly, I am a completely different person inside. I am so grateful for Linda’s positive and effective work. Thank you for all of your help. You have truly been a blessing in my life and have taught me tools that I will have in my toolbox for ever. I am proud of the work I have done and I owe it all to your guidance. – Jen read more

Mike P. from Minneapolis

I looked into FARE Hypnosis as a way for me to quit smoking. I researched them and read all of the positive reviews. After all of this I made the decision to call and schedule a consultation with Linda. The consultation went very well and I decided to move forward with the hypnosis process and to my own amazement my last cigarette was 5 minutes before my first visit with Linda. I haven’t smoked since. She is simply the best! I would recommend FARE Hypnosis to anyone that wants  to quit smoking. It has been a weeks since I quite and with no cravings and no excuses to have another smoke for as long as I live. Thank you very much, Linda! read more

S.L. from Redwood Falls

This was an interesting experience for me. As a last resort on pain management, the idea is that the brain controls much of our physical situation. It was true for me in this case and the tools to continue are now at my disposal when I need them and even just to sleep or relax. I have the bicycle, now I pedal it. For each uphill there is now a downhill coast. Thanks for the help. read more

Kelly H. from Chaska

Thank you so much for all of your help. You have helped me work through a lot of issues in my life and more than I came in for. I will take what I have learned to move forward and keep healing! read more

Annie C from Prior Lake

I came to FARE Hypnosis Center desperate to quit smoking. I had tried the usual cessation aids, patches, gum, prescriptions medications, and nothing worked for me. I felt trapped. I had a friend tell me that she quit through hypnosis. I figured that I had tried everything else, what’s there to lose? Well, there was nothing to lose and so much gain, more than I had ever dreamed of. Long story short, I am now one month smoke free and will be a non-smoker the rest of my life. My life has done a complete 180 throughout my hypnosis journey. I am now enrolled in college and have a new take on life altogether. Linda guided me to the path that I always wanted to be on; I just needed some help finding my way back. I am so happy I decided on hypnosis and would highly recommend it to people who may feel lost or unable to overcome something in their life. There is hope. read more

Vicki K. from Edina

I feel more in tune with myself, my emotions, and have the ability to decipher the truth from the untruths I’ve had about myself and my self worth than I have ever experienced before. I feel changed from the inside out. Thanks you for your guidance in helping me find my path. read more

Erik B. from Eden Prairie

It’s hard to overstate what I feel I’ve gotten from hypnosis. Simply, it has changed my life and I will use the tools I’ve learned here in the process of being more me. For the first time in 40 years I can recognize emotions other than anger, anxious and stressed. read more

Glen B from Edina

When I came in I didn’t know what was in store for me. I had pain from my face, jaw, neck and radiated down my body. Linda helped me get in touch with my subconscious and deal with what was causing my pain. My pain, which at the time was a 10, has now diminished 85-90%. My wife notices I’m less irritable and I’m able to do things and enjoy things I haven’t done for over a year without focusing on the pain. Most important, I’ve dealt with and reconciled in my head where this pain has come from. Linda is great and I really recommend FARE Hypnosis. read more

Vicki F. from Eden Prairie

Working with Roberta has been an experience I will hold onto for the rest of my life. First of all, I had my own idea about what she does – but I quickly learned with her gentle and thorough education, that it was nothing like I had known. The problem I thought I had was not the problem, but a HUGE symptom of the real issue. And Roberta got to the cause! She stayed focused on me each step of my journey. I am absolutely free from issues that I had held onto most of my life that I dragged around like cement. Working with her was such a blessing and I suggest everyone to contact FARE Hypnosis Center to learn how you can be helped live your best life! As a side note, her office is spectacular! Super clean, calming, and all around positive energy. Thank you Roberta!! read more

Steve W. from Eden Prairie

If I were to describe my experience with Linda and the FARE process in a word, it would be transformational! In a matter of a relatively few number of sessions, I gained a better understanding of pst events in my life and their impact on my development into adulthood. I gained a sense of inner peace and awareness of critical milestones along my journey through the process. read more

Heather A. from Eden Prairie

I have loved going through this process with you! I came to you for weight loss assistance but you have given me so much more. Thank you for your time, patience and encouragement! read more

Jay M. from Eden Prairie

Linda was amazing! She truly cares about your well-being and puts you at ease immediately. Working with Linda has given me the tools to successfully achieve my goals. Thank you so much, this was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone. read more

Kelly M. from New Ulm

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified hypnotherapist. I recently took the Emotion Resolution Work™ training at the Fare Hypnosis Center. I used the regression process with several of my clients the first week after class. Every person had effective results with a significant level of emotional resolve in the first session. I’ve been able to implement it in my normal 50 minute sessions. I’m so excited to help my clients with the Emotion Resolution Work™ process. I highly recommend this class to all therapists. Roberta is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. She taught the material in a way that was easy to comprehend using numerous examples of different case scenarios. Investing the time and money in hypnosis training has been one of the best tools I’ve added to use with my clients. I am looking forward to taking Emotion Resolution 2.0!   Kelly Meissner, LMFT read more

Fred S. from Plymouth

The best thing I did when I was planning for my left knee replacement surgery was to consult with Roberta about hypnosis. read more

Brad L. from Minneapolis

Roberta is a true professional. She is kind, inviting, and really cares about her clients. And, much to my skepticism – this has helped immensely! I have already referred friends + family. Thanks! read more

Bill S. from St. Paul

The experience through FARE Hypnosis was enlightening. Linda was able to guide me to answers about myself that have plagued me for many years. I would definitely recommend hypnosis to anyone searching for personal emotional behavior and questions surrounding that behavior. Hypnosis has significantly impacted my life for the positive and given long sought-after peace. Thank you, Linda! read more

Dan H. from Newport

After an assault nearly forty years ago, I had been suffering with chronic daily migraines and severe headaches. Other than powerful drugs, doctors and pain specialists had no workable solutions for me and they basically told me to ‘live with it’. Finally fed up, I sought out the help of Roberta and FARE Hypnosis. read more

Alison K. from Eden Prairie

Roberta, I got my ACT score back a few weeks ago and my reading score went up 11 points. I started with a 21 and got a 32 on this last test. I never thought my score could go up that much! Thank you for Everything!  read more

Bern F. from Chanhassen

I was a bit skeptical about this process at first, even thought a trusted family member recommended it. The hypnosis process is amazing, and it’s hard to believe how much progress I made in such a short time. I am thankful to know these tools that I can use when I am feeling overwhelmed. Thank you, Linda! read more

Dennis from Minnetonka

I had been suffering from moderately severe pain for about 20 years from a very rare from of cervical dystonia. I had seen 3 neurologists, including one at Mayo. They prescribed a number of medications, but to little avail. After 6 sessions with Linda my condition is 80-90% improved. I would highly recommend The FARE Hypnosis Center to anyone with chronic pain. I expect I will continue to improve as I practice the hypnosis tools I have learned. read more

Cindy C. from Wisconsin

Linda was great at putting me at ease as to what was going to happen and what to expect. It made 40+ years of smoking easier to let go of. It’s been 6 weeks no and no desire to return to my habit. read more

Jeanie K. from Blue Earth

This process has helped me so much in my personal and professional life. I was able to let go of my past fears and see how they’ve been affecting me. Linda was very professional and caring, but also happy to answer any questions regarding hypnosis. This will affect all areas of your life and is your best gift to yourself. read more

R.C. from Edina

I had 6 sessions with Linda.From the first session I started to feel more relaxed and centered. We had worked on several of my negative and not so helpful beliefs. Session after session I felt lighter and lighter. Also the hypnosis sessions helped me to routinely do self-hypnosis at home so I can resolve more beliefs/situations when I need it. Hypnosis helped me know myself better, to me more willing to look at my feelings when challenges come. read more

Chanhassen High

Thanks for coming in to speak to my health careers class. I was very interested in learning about your job and my classmates were pretty fascinated, too. The washer not he string demonstration you brought was so cool! Thanks again! read more

Karan from Minnetonka

This has been a good experience. I’ve been able to let go of bad, negative feelings about myself. I’ve learned techniques to use to build my self worth. I am feeling better about myself and taking better care of me. I would recommend hypnosis. read more

Elaine B from Eden Prairie

I feel these sessions have been most helpful – getting rid of the anger, the best! read more

CJ from Wisconsin

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for twenty years. I am now off all medication and use self-hypnosis to manage my pain. No more afternoon naps and no more pain. I’m in control of my life again! Thanks, Roberta, for your care, love and understanding. Your special qualities make it possible for so may to heal. You are amazing! read more

Board of the Minnesota Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Roberta, We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful presentation you gave for our members. Having experts, as yourself, share your time and talents has made our meeting a success! We sincerely thank you! The Board and members of the Minnesota Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation read more

Meg from Hopkins

This journey has been a life-changing journey. Hypnosis has allowed me to see the real me and give me my life back. I have been able to deal with my emotional and physical trauma through simple yet powerful techniques. I went into this journey wanting and willing to make the positive changes needed in my life. I am a happier, more confident woman, mother, wife, daughter, employee, sister, and so much more. Thanks to Linda and FARE Hypnosis for guiding me to the best me there is! read more

Nadine from Golden Valley

To very special Linda, I wish everyone could have the experience I’ve had. I don’t have the words to truly get my feelings out. But you, and what you do, are so very amazing. You took me back 66 years. That day will be with me for the rest of my life.I will never forget what I’ve learned and I would recommend FARE Hypnosis to everyone. You will always be in my heart. Than you for everything… With love, Nadine read more

Kyle from Minneapolis

I am very pleased with my first experience with hypnosis with Linda. I got a lot out our sessions and will use my new tools and understanding of my situation, my reason for coming, to help me every day. It gave me confidence and empowered me to make some needed changes in my life. read more

Barb S. from Savage

I was a little nervous when I came in the first time, but Linda quickly put me at ease. I love her sense of humor. There was never a right or wrong answer. I’m coming away with more love and appreciation of myself. You did a super job, Linda! Who knows, I might be back for a refresher course. read more

Lauren from Minneapolis

Roberta, Thank you for all of your care and coaching in my journey to be a calmer, more confident “me”. I can see changes in myself and it’s because of you and our work together. I’ll continue to think of  and feel so much gratitude for you as I continue on this path. read more

L. from Eden Prairie

What a journey this process has given me. I started out wanting to lose weight and ended up clearing years of baggage. I feel l lighter in body, mind, and spirit. Take control of your life to become your real self. read more

Jeff P. from Hopkins

FARE has been my first exposure to hypnosis. It was recommended by my Allina physician to help with my insomnia. My experience and my results at FARE have been terrific! The process of hypnosis was explained thoroughly and I have been given step-by-step tools to use on my own. Together with the sessions in-office, I have made excellent progress with my insomnia.In short, my experience at FARE Hypnosis exceeded my expectations. read more

Shannon S. from Minneapolis

My session at The FARE Hypnosis Center were more than I expected because they addressed the underlying issues that contributed to the issues that I came in for. Linda is so empathetic and easy to trust. Nothing was uncomfortable or mysterious.My issue has already improved and I am very hopeful that it will continue to improved resolve. I definitely recommend it. read more

R.W. from Minneapolis

The FARE Hypnosis Center helped me overcome fear and stay focused in my golf game. The provided great service and a professional atmosphere. While somewhat skeptical, I found the process empowering and helpful. read more

Terri G. from Eden Prairie

“I have tried many diets over the years in my quest to obtain a healthy weight, so I know a lot about what I should and should not be eating.  My problem was I used food to address my emotions, both positive and negative. Hypnosis with Linda helped me to disconnect food from the emotional support I was seeking which has put me on a solid path towards a healthy weight.”     read more

Paula H. from Minneapolis

Absolutely beyond grateful for my experience at Fare Hypnosis Center. Linda helped me when I was at wits ends with my inability to quit smoking. She helped me break the cycle by breaking down my conscious barrier to see what was at the root of my smoking addiction. I tried everything before this, literally everything. I have now gone 71 days without smoking a cig! I haven’t even craved one. Honestly, it’s hard to even believe I was ever a smoker in the first place. Seems far fetched, I know.. but it’s the truth. She also helped me work on my anxiety.. it was an emotional journey to say the least. Linda made me more than comfortable to talk to her about things that I hadn’t had the guts to face on myself. Learning self hypnosis during my last session has kept me on the right path since graduating from Linda’s helping hands. I truly couldn’t be more grateful for all the help she has given me. read more

Rosemary J. from Carver

With the professional and compassionate guidance of Linda Schutz, I have gained much peace and contentment in my daily life.  Linda led me in safely drawing out and confronting hidden issues which needed resolution.  This experience has strengthened my confidence and self-control – and freed me from invisible binds that had limited my joy in living for many years.  If you are seeking a caring and skilled professional to assist you in gaining positive control of an issue in your life, I sincerely recommend working with the gifted and talented Linda.  Life is better now! read more

Jaime K. from Minneapolis

Wow!! Talk about over delivering and great customer service. Here is my story- I attended what I thought to be a self hypnosis class on better sleep. I walked in and quickly realized my source for this class had listed the wrong date. As I pondered what to do in the empty office, the decor and the inviting atmosphere pulled me to stay. 
Linda, one of the Hypnotists was just finishing with a client and was generous enough to take the time and spend a good amount of it helping me. She even went as far as teaching me some of the techniques to help me with my issue. I did not expect or feel this was her obligation. She did it without hesitation.
I left feeling hopeful and excited to try the new techniques. I also left feeling the amazing service provided has me excited to visit again soon. Thank you Roberta for partnering with such awesome people like Linda. She was amazing.
It was truly a remarkable experience. Thank you!
read more

Bryce A. From Minneapolis

Thank you, Linda! You helped me rediscover myself and gain back y confidence that I had lost. The positive self image and belief in myself has changed my life and set me free from my old fears. I cannot thank you enough! read more

Steve O. from Eden Prairie

I just wanted to let you know that I am 5 months chew free. I don’t think I could have stuck with it without your help. I didn’t know what to expect, but hypnosis really helped me be accountable to myself. THANK YOU! read more

Linda S. from Carver

Roberta is amazing! I was so very impressed with the amount of dedication and professionalism that Roberta puts into this program. Thorough instruction, lots of dialogue and practice makes this training program so successful. read more

Laura W. from Eden Prairie

I had my first session yesterday and still feel relaxed and at ease. My anxiety is definitely lower, I am excited to continue to feel this way! read more

B.W. from Deephaven

I’d wondered for some time about using hypnosis for stress management. The results for me have been, quite honestly, profound. My blood pressure dropped into a healthy range for the first time in over a year. This is a new tool for me in taking accountability for my own health and my own well being. I’ve also referred Roberta to my mother, 89. Hypnosis has given her a sense of hope and a feeling of being involved. She’s no longer accepting of the idea that there’s nothing left for her to do about her pain issues. read more

Steph L. from Minnetonka

I am so impressed with Roberta… as a newbie, she helped me feel at ease and thoroughly explained what I could expect and answered all my questions. She me feel so at ease and was extremely professional. Can’t wait for my next session with her! read more

Lois V. from Excelsior

I finally was able to relax after all my anxiety. It was the best thing I could’ve experienced. I will be going back to work on other issues. She’s the best!! read more

Victoria J from Tampa

Roberta worked with me through FaceTime since we were geographically and physically separated by over 1500 miles. I was preparing for life changing major surgery and looking for assistance dealing with the emotional aspect of the situation. Roberta provided me with the tools I needed to have full confidence before entering the OR. I was calm and visualized the best possible outcome of the anesthesia and bi-lateral mastectomy. I felt very little discomfort and took no pain medication. My doctors were amazed by my calmness and strength. I truly believe the outcome was a result of the relaxation hypnosis I learned through Roberta’s efforts. I can see how this same process will help people with many different needs from those with food addictions to those who find it difficult to cope with life’s trials. read more

Lynne K. from Chanhassen

I had a hypnosis session with Roberta that was truly transformational. First, she took the time to really hear my concerns and get to know me so that she would know how to best proceed with me and apply the most effective approach for my needs. Second, she carefully explained how the process works so I could learn to be a better friend to myself in the future and break negative unconscious habits. On top of all that, her voice is incredibly soothing and comforting, so it was easy to relax and experience the session deeply. But, most of all, I would have to say that Roberta has integrity and is a trustworthy practitioner in the Hypnotism field. I knew immediately that I was in capable and conscientious hands so the healing I experienced was very effective and touched me at the core of my concerns. I am so grateful to have met her and very impressed with the work she does. She is in this field to help people so her heart is in the right place and she has the experience and training to be truly effective in her work. read more

Molly M. from California

Roberta transformed my life. Even as she was first speaking to me, during my first smoking cessation sessions, I was doubting my ability and willingness to quit. Her voice seemed to echo gently through me and by means I far from expected, she brought me to a place where the thought of putting a cigarette to my lips ever again is laughable. I could cry in gratitude. I really never thought it would work, or that I could actually become a non-smoker, but here I am, successfully free of tobacco and more empowered by it every day. Thank you so much, Roberta for saying yes to me, and thank you for giving me control of my life back. read more

Tracy B. from Eden Prairie

I walked in not knowing a thing about hypnosis, other than what I have seen on TV or at entertainment shows. Roberta took the time to explain the history, the benefits, and what to expect. She is a very warm and caring person which makes the experience even more comfortable and enjoyable. She made me feel at ease the entire time I was there. I left feeling completely renewed, energized, and peaceful. I would highly recommend anyone to Roberta. Thank you again! read more

Stella I. from Florida

I was having anxiety, having trouble getting sleep and focusing in my work after going through a humiliating experience. Roberta gave me the link to download her Personal Relaxation Session. I was amazed after listening a couple of times because I was able to get an uninterrupted sleep for the first time. I downloaded the session on my phone so anytime I start having anxiety while at work,I will take a break and start her session in the privacy of my office. It helped me a lot to be able to have a clear mind and relaxed body when I am around people. I would have the session at least twice a day for two weeks and it did not take long for me to ease my anxiety. I also had a telephone session with Roberta for at least 1 hour and after that I had the most wonderful feeling of letting go of all my heavy burden and cleaning the cobwebs in my mind. I felt my emptiness getting filled with self confidence,trust and full of hope. I am empowered to feel great. read more

Laura F. from Carver

Roberta has amazing abilities at helping you relax! Definitely give her a call if you need help relaxing or with any sort of ailment, mental or physical!! read more

Karen B. from Edina

As a small business owner, with some key intentions for 2015, it is critical to release anything that could prevent those intentions from unfolding. Since working with Roberta, who is the consummate professional, there is a drastically reduced level of fear, stronger intuition, and greater joy. Her warmth and compassion are extraordinary. As an individual who has been very skeptical about hypnosis, it has completely changed my perception. Thank you, Roberta!!! read more

Angie G. from Victoria

As a small business owner and a parent, time and energy are much need resources to maintain a calm demeanor. After my first session with Roberta, I was amazed at how mellow I felt that evening when my toddler was “testing our patience”. As parents, we never want to reach the breaking point but with Roberta’s help, the interaction when children are discovering their boundaries can be astronomically beneficial. No matter where you are in life, if one of your goals is to be less stressed, maintain a positive outlook and just be happier, definitely check out what she has to offer. read more

Erin K. from Chanhassen

I was so impressed with Roberta’s expertise and professionalism. She made me feel immediately at ease. I learned a great relaxation technique I can use any time on my own. I can’t wait to go back! read more

Basia M. from Bloomington

First time hypnosis session and it went better than expected! I truly enjoyed the relaxation I felt and I felt very comfortable with Roberta. I walked out with the true happiness. Thank you. read more

Alan J. from Waconia

I wanted to revive my memories surrounding my wedding day. My recollections are spotty at best. I was curious, and nervous, wondering whether I would allow myself to be hypnotized. Roberta reassured me that I was in complete control but that I would need to follow her instructions completely. Roberta helped me relive my wedding day. I wanted to see my mother again, thirty years younger. Although my memories were not crystal clear like a photograph, Roberta helped me to feel the love and joy that I felt that day. I had a recollection of hugging my mother and father thanking them for everything that they had done for me. At that point I felt like I was glowing with happiness. Thank you Roberta for helping me re-live that day. read more

Marcy S. from Plymouth

Roberta was professional, listened close, never criticized and was very encouraging. Being hypnotized is truly exciting and relaxing. Roberta has the most soothing, comforting and calming voice. She had wonderful suggestions that helped me deal with my concerns. No matter what stress or problems you have, I feel Roberta is the one to help guide you. Roberta does not do the work for you. She gently guides you through your concerns and you find the right answers for yourself. Over 4-5 sessions I did the homework Roberta gave me. Roberta showed me where to look for my answers but didn’t tell me what to see. I changed my attitude about many things, and “turned myself around”. I felt like a totally improved person. Friends even noticed the change. For the first time in my 69 years, I discovered my purpose, and that I love life. Most of all, I love myself !!! There is a purpose for everyone we meet. I feel Roberta guided me so I could bring out the best in myself. She helped me see that I posses the skills to discover my own greatness. Roberta gave me the time I needed, until I found what I needed to discover for myself. Her patience level is high and she is very good at what she does.I had foot surgery and Roberta had great advice for me to deal with pain etc. She taught me self-hypnosis which helped during the 7 week recovery. When the Doctor pulled the 3 pins out of my toes, he was surprised I did not feel pain and it did not bleed. I am highly impressed with the work Roberta does. I truly admire her and would absolutely recommend her to everyone.” read more

John P. From Eden Prairie

Roberta is a gift – a master practitioner who so clearly loves people and wants them to have the lives they choose. If you have not experienced hypnosis, try it. It will be transformational. In my first session, I felt like I had the best night’s sleep of my life, relaxed, calm and also energized. After that we began working on an area of my life where I didn’t feel fully in control or fully expressed and with Roberta’s guidance, I am beginning to own that transformation. If you have something you want to work on, don’t hesitate to visit Roberta. read more

Kimberly R. from Carver County

Omg… The feedback was amazing!!! People loved you! One women was in tears saying how this meeting spoke to her so directly she thinks it was life changing. At my school you were what people were talking about, and they were asking each other if they practiced their breathing today yet. So THANK YOU:) … This meeting really seemed to to touch so many. read more

Maggie G. from Orono

I had Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery and it couldn’t be easier! Not only was I educated about healthy eating, but I also found out what’s eating me inside was contributing to my being overweight. Emotional eating has been the cause of my gaining 50+ pounds in the last thirty years! After figuring out who/what was causing me distress/stress, I changed my thinking/attitude and am now much happier with not only my weight loss (15 pounds so far), but am feeling so much lighter. I now eat only a cup of food 4-5 times a day. It’s been painless and it feels so good to lose weight, wear clothing that fits and watching the muffin top disappear. Thank you Roberta for your insight, knowledge, wisdom and friendship through this eight week journey. It has been the best “trip” I’ve ever been on and I can hardly wait to finish! read more

Fred and Marcy S. From Plymouth

WOW! What an awesome experience this class (Hypnotic Gastric Band) has been for both of us. We learned a lot about ourselves and why we have gained weight. One of the many things we learned is how to get rid of the ‘distractors’ that are enabling us. Once we did the work ‘inside’ our weight started coming off. We now have the ‘tools’ Roberta taught us and we will continue to get rid of the excess weight. We have changed several things that have contributed to our weight gain and we now have the good habits to help us lose weight and keep it off. Roberta is truly a remarkable hypnotist and teacher. It is a real joy to work with her. read more

Keely S. from Burnsville

I am a young individual who has struggled with weight for a few years. I struggled with a lot of emotions and had fallen into a rut. I, like many, had tried many different things that were out on the market. None of which worked or only worked for a short time. The Hypnotic Gastric Band class allowed me to break down my habits and find an alternate change. I realized while in the class that a majority of my bad habits blossomed from stress and the feeling of inadequacy. I went into this with knowledge of every healthy step that you “should” do. However, the hypnosis was that little boost you need. It’s that “ah ha!” moment. During the 7 week duration I lost a total of 23 pounds. I have a long way to go still and will continue my journey using the techniques that Roberta taught us. I will also be seeing Roberta in the future as I have a long way to go and it never hurts to have that reassurance on your side. I would highly recommend Roberta to anyone who has been struggling with any issue. This class has been a huge help and has given me the tools to move forward and reach the goals I have set out. read more

Angela M. From Victoria

Linda is wonderful and has helped me a great deal with many issues. I hope to come back in the future if the need arises! read more

Suzanne T. from Waconia

Linda provided me with the tools to applying positive thoughts to enable myself to support and focus on my goals. Her meditative guidance makes you feel confident and comfortable. I’m on my way to reaching new heights from her expertise. read more

Lori P. from St. Paul

Roberta has changed my life! Hypnosis has been transformational in all aspects of my life. I’m happier, calmer, healthier and overall more in tune with my emotions and how to deal with them. The awareness of my past experiences and how they have impacted my life has been astonishing. I can now understand why I do or have done the things I do or have done. What a great insight to improve my life! What a great experience! read more

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DISCLAIMER – These testimonials are written by clients and posted here with permission. They may contain language and references to certain medical conditions. Please note that we do not treat or diagnose medical conditions. Our role is only to assist assist in the secondary issues of their underlying condition. (Example: when they mention blood pressure, we focus on relaxation).