Pompei, Italy

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the bath ruins of Pompei, Italy. I thought about those living their lives here. Day to day, never realizing that any moment they would be gone. Then when the volcano buried the city, it was too late to make up for regrets and appreciate the lives they had lived. Don’t […]

Aberdare National Park, Kenya

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Aberdare National Park in Kenya. Like these magnificent lions, I wanted to take a nap the other day but my mother’s voice rang in my ears “Don’t be lazy.” It’s easy to be judgmental of others but we are the harshest of critics of ourselves. Judgment doesn’t mean not questioning motives or […]

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Abundance and the 4 Laws of the Mind

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I was getting my nails done and there was an advertisement for a show called My Lottery Dream Home. A few days later I was in Target and I saw these glasses, like in the commercial and they called to me!) It inspired me to reflect on the idea of abundance.

San Antonio Riverwalk, TX

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, on an absolutely beautiful day in an idyllic setting. Seeing something intentionally is one of the most powerful ways to set your focus!

Duck Fountain, TX

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a fountain near San Antonio, Texas. I felt happy as I watched these two ‘bottom up’ in tandem for about 10 minutes. I think they were having fun, too, as I doubt there was anything for them to eat in that fountain! While many think it’s other people or things […]

Naches Loop Trail, WA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Naches Loop Trail near Mt Ranier in Washington. There are no words needed to describe the peace felt in this place. Breathe in and build for yourself…….

Dana Point, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Dana Point, California. The holidays are here and oh…. for the life of this seal! This guy was happy to chill on someone’s boat – a calm mind and body amidst all the activity surrounding him. Using self-hypnosis can keep you in that place, too. Take a breath – 9 […]

The Miracle Question

Hi I’m Linda Schutz, a Board Certified Hypnotist at The FARE Hypnosis Center in Eden Prairie, MN. Have you ever had a personal problem that you just can’t seem to overcome? You’ve tried everything you can think of and it just never seems to go away.