Stella I.

I was having anxiety, having trouble getting sleep and focusing in my work after going through a humiliating experience. Roberta gave me the link to download her Personal Relaxation Session. I was amazed after listening a couple of times because I was able to get an uninterrupted sleep for the first time. I downloaded the session on my phone so anytime I start having anxiety while at work,I will take a break and start her session in the privacy of my office. It helped me a lot to be able to have a clear mind and relaxed body when I am around people. I would have the session at least twice a day for two weeks and it did not take long for me to ease my anxiety. I also had a telephone session with Roberta for at least 1 hour and after that I had the most wonderful feeling of letting go of all my heavy burden and cleaning the cobwebs in my mind. I felt my emptiness getting filled with self confidence,trust and full of hope. I am empowered to feel great.

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