Paula H.

Absolutely beyond grateful for my experience at Fare Hypnosis Center. Linda helped me when I was at wits ends with my inability to quit smoking. She helped me break the cycle by breaking down my conscious barrier to see what was at the root of my smoking addiction. I tried everything before this, literally everything. I have now gone 71 days without smoking a cig! I haven’t even craved one. Honestly, it’s hard to even believe I was ever a smoker in the first place. Seems far fetched, I know.. but it’s the truth. She also helped me work on my anxiety.. it was an emotional journey to say the least. Linda made me more than comfortable to talk to her about things that I hadn’t had the guts to face on myself. Learning self hypnosis during my last session has kept me on the right path since graduating from Linda’s helping hands. I truly couldn’t be more grateful for all the help she has given me.

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