Marcy S.

Roberta was professional, listened close, never criticized and was very encouraging. Being hypnotized is truly exciting and relaxing. Roberta has the most soothing, comforting and calming voice. She had wonderful suggestions that helped me deal with my concerns. No matter what stress or problems you have, I feel Roberta is the one to help guide you. Roberta does not do the work for you. She gently guides you through your concerns and you find the right answers for yourself. Over 4-5 sessions I did the homework Roberta gave me. Roberta showed me where to look for my answers but didn’t tell me what to see. I changed my attitude about many things, and “turned myself around”. I felt like a totally improved person. Friends even noticed the change. For the first time in my 69 years, I discovered my purpose, and that I love life. Most of all, I love myself !!! There is a purpose for everyone we meet. I feel Roberta guided me so I could bring out the best in myself. She helped me see that I posses the skills to discover my own greatness. Roberta gave me the time I needed, until I found what I needed to discover for myself. Her patience level is high and she is very good at what she does.I had foot surgery and Roberta had great advice for me to deal with pain etc. She taught me self-hypnosis which helped during the 7 week recovery. When the Doctor pulled the 3 pins out of my toes, he was surprised I did not feel pain and it did not bleed. I am highly impressed with the work Roberta does. I truly admire her and would absolutely recommend her to everyone.”

8353 Crystal View Rd Suite 201
Eden Prairie, MN 55344