Maggie G.

I had Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery and it couldn’t be easier! Not only was I educated about healthy eating, but I also found out what’s eating me inside was contributing to my being overweight. Emotional eating has been the cause of my gaining 50+ pounds in the last thirty years! After figuring out who/what was causing me distress/stress, I changed my thinking/attitude and am now much happier with not only my weight loss (15 pounds so far), but am feeling so much lighter. I now eat only a cup of food 4-5 times a day. It’s been painless and it feels so good to lose weight, wear clothing that fits and watching the muffin top disappear. Thank you Roberta for your insight, knowledge, wisdom and friendship through this eight week journey. It has been the best “trip” I’ve ever been on and I can hardly wait to finish!

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