Kelly M from New Ulm

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified hypnotherapist. I recently took the Emotion Resolution Work™ training at the Fare Hypnosis Center. I used the regression process with several of my clients the first week after class. Every person had effective results with a significant level of emotional resolve in the first session. I’ve been able to implement it in my normal 50 minute sessions. I’m so excited to help my clients with the Emotion Resolution Work™ process. I highly recommend this class to all therapists. Roberta is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. She taught the material in a way that was easy to comprehend using numerous examples of different case scenarios. Investing the time and money in hypnosis training has been one of the best tools I’ve added to use with my clients. I am looking forward to taking Emotion Resolution 2.0!   Kelly Meissner, LMFT

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