Erik B from Minneapolis

About 18mo ago I went to an information session at FARE which led me to trying 6 or 7 sessions of hypnosis last summer for insomnia. Ultimately it wasn’t about the insomnia, it was about noticing how and understanding why I react certain ways. It was like guided visualization into some of my emotions, emotions I often feel but suppress. In hindsight it seems so simple, but it was a kind of insight which I’ve not experienced elsewhere. I’d been working with a psychologist for a few years, who has been a great help to me and my business and continues to be, but I needed to be guided through a feeling that was really scary to me (my psychologist was surprised at how effective it was for me and now we can delve further into things). The book they had me read was a great insight into emotions as well, really essential, and I now find it hard to believe they don’t teach emotions better in school. I’m an NIH-funded former neuroimaging scientist, published in depression research and I’m shocked at how shallow my understanding of negative emotions was before my sessions.

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