Dan H. from Newport

After an assault nearly forty years ago, I had been suffering with chronic daily migraines and severe headaches. Other than powerful drugs, doctors and pain specialists had no workable solutions for me and they basically told me to ‘live with it’. Finally fed up, I sought out the help of Roberta and FARE Hypnosis.

It was a great surprise as well as a tremendous relief to so quickly be rid of this pain. However, in addition to the control of the pain, was the resolution of many other issues that I had unknowingly been employing to keep myself in an unrecognizable rut. A rut that was sabotaging most aspects of my life – personal and professional.

In short order – just six visits and I am – happy to say – again the person I want to be. The person that I was meant to be. The person that I should be. I am no longer the person that had been lurking in the shadows of life. Nor am I the person that had retreated for many reasons – some traumas, some just assumed beliefs that had unwittingly been acquired from others that did not have my best interest at heart. No. I am again whole and happy.

At first blush, the cost seemed a little high. But it is nothing compared to the price that I was paying by not living the life that you could, should and was meant to live.

Understand, as is made clear by Roberta, Roberta and FARE do not make the changes – the client does. It is empowering and the pace in which these changes take place is seemingly impossible. But it is also wonderful. If you make the effort and do the work under FARE’s care and direction, the results truly are liberating and life altering! If you don’t love yourself now, you will by the time you complete your sessions. If you do love yourself now, then you will again recognize the wonder that you are when you’ve released yourself from the bondages of your past. Plus, you go away with the ability to use the techniques and skills that you’ve mastered to manage other aspects or incident in life that may come up or improvements that you may want to address. I cannot speak highly enough of the changes that are possible with the help of Roberta and FARE.

Do yourself a favor and become all that you were designed and intended to be. Become the Real You!


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