Dan C. from Minneapolis

I am a non Smoker and will be for the rest of my life!!! I can’t believe that it was this easy to quit. I quit for 13 years and started again and smoked for another 15 years quitting 1-3 times a year and always starting back up at my excuses events. believe me I tried every different product out there but kept going back, it made me feel crazy because I really wanted to quit and now my 3 kids were getting very upset with me about it. I read some information about Fare and decided to leave them a message on a Saturday night.  I was open minded about it but never tried or maybe I was skeptical but I did know 2 people that did it and both quit for over 9 years with this service and are still smoke free!!! Never the less, I have been quit since 2-27-19 (almost 5 months). I drive 60-70K miles a year, didn’t have the panic attacks looking for the pack or finding something to keep me busy. I literally don’t even think about them from the end of my 1st appointment. I didn’t think that it was this easy so I went to my 2nd appointment, the next day, and the rest is history!!! I can’t believe that I’ve never heard about 1 on 1 Hypnosis and on how well it works.

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